Monte-Carlo, Musetti beaten by Schwartzman 2-1

In the round of 16 in Monte-Carlo, the 20-year-old Italian played a set at a very high level, then gave 2-6 6-4 6-3 to the Argentinian who flew to the quarter-finals.

You also believed, useless to deny it, in the victory of Lorenzo Musetti against Diego Schwartzman. And instead, after a classic tennis start, ours found itself victim to itself, its insecurities, and a resurrection of the Argentinian, now 16 in the world, and very lackluster in the first part of the match. Too bad, because it took very little for everything to go wrong and reverse the course of the match, against an experienced player to whom nothing can be granted.

The game

In the first set, Lorenzo starts aggressively with two break points in the second game and finishes with a backhand slap that has never been seen before. But he has a drop in concentration which leads him to two double faults in a row and allows Peque to come back. That it is a more conscious Musetti is manifested by his immediate reaction, in which always thanks to his one-handed backhand, heritage of humanity, he takes the advantage for the 3-1, consolidates it in the serve and snatches the serve from Schwartzman. sinking 5-1. Another empty pass with three double faults for the 20-year-old pupil of Tartarini who grants one of the two breaks in advance but will then seal the first set 6-2. Full start in second with a 2-0 break followed by the usual moment of distraction which allows the Argentinian to regain contact. He takes up Schwartzman’s joke in the 4th game to go 3-1 and is once again caught. This is the signal that Musetti has a moment of bending and in fact el Peque finally holds his serve without risking and Lorenzo, in the 7th game, wastes his time badly and finds himself disadvantaged for the first time since the start of the match: 4- 3 . Lorenzo no longer pushes from the forehand like before, and Schwartzman finds it easier to stay in the exchanges, confirms the advantage and goes 5-3. Two bad answers first right then reverse on as many break points which would have allowed him to bring back 5-5, then El Peque closes 6-4. Everything to do again.

And Schwartzman returned to the field galvanized, Lorenzo on the contrary was exhausted, locked himself 500 miles from the baseline and let his serve blow at the first opportunity. receives a warning for spitting. Schwartzman then maliciously asks for a penalty point for an answer thrown into the stratosphere by Lorenzo, the judge forgives him, but the nervousness increases. Less than 3-1 Musetti flashes again. He finally holds the service, then arrives 30-0 on the Argentinian’s service but fails to make the counter-break. He even suffered another and collapsed 5-2. He recovers a break for the 5-3 but when necessary for the 5-4 he commits three incredible faults and grants as many match points. Cancel the first with one of his gems, then give in with a double fault.


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