Montevarchi, crucial battle for salvation – Sport

by Giustino Bonci

In the penultimate home leg of the season and penultimate in the general classification, L’Aquila tries to collect a piece of the mosaic of salvation by hosting at 5:30 p.m. Cesena, another of the “out of class” teams of a Lega Pro tournament 2021-2022. among the most competitive in recent years. Of course, to be able to win at least one point and, in general, put the Romagna battleship third in the championship in difficulty, it will take the great feat, the classic perfect match. And to try to make the difficult mission possible, the rossoblùs of Valdarno rely on two aspects, as well as on technical and character qualities: the house factor, because since they found the “Gastone Brilli Peri”, they have never been beaten, also overcome Ancona Matelica and Fermana; and the equally decisive contribution of the fans. Today indeed, although it is a working day for many and despite the race being broadcast live by Sky and Eleven Sports, it is reasonable to expect the usual response and indeed , even more convinced, supporters of the eagle. Among other things, the Rossoblè Day has been launched and subscriptions for all sectors of the stadium are not valid and there is no shortage of promotional initiatives such as 5 euro coupons to encourage the entry of supporters, from children up to 16 years old and disabled. different skills.

On an emotional level, therefore, beyond the importance of the stake for the respective objectives – and for the Cesenati the certainty of third place – the meeting was born in the memory of two double exes, Paolo Martelli and Paolo Ponzo, who left us prematurely at different times. Both coaches are struggling with a few issues to resolve in defence. Malotti will have to replace Eduard Dutu, disqualified, the Italian-Romanian from the Fiorentina school who, moreover, played with good continuity and a good performance. If the montevarchini coach opts for the three centre-backs, the relaunch of Achy, alongside Tozzuolo and Gennari, is plausible, while in a four-man configuration the line would be formed by outside Lischi and Martinelli and, also in this case, by Tozzuolo-Gennari in the middle.

As mentioned, the guests will also change the defensive composition from the direct clash won over Virtus Entela. Mr. Viali, who will not be able to count on the recoveries of the injured Missiroli, Mulè and Rigoni, will certainly release Ciofi while Gonnelli (both players returning from the day of the disqualification) is a candidate to start on the bench. The ballot for a shirt is between Pogliano or Allievi. During the week, the bianconeri studied the Eagle with some videos which, moreover, often change skin, shape and performers from one game to another. And for the first time this year, Biagi is back in the team. Whatever the choices, one fact is indisputable. If Montevarchi missed a positive result, the possibilities of avoiding the play-out would be considerably reduced, being linked to the results of the others, despite the current gap of three points on Pistoiese, who is simultaneously involved in Gubbio.

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