Montevarchi, now Malotti toughens up: “Step back” – Sport

by Giustino Bonci

Now, the Eagle really feels the breath of the pursuers on his neck. The advantage over fifth from last place has been reduced to three points and alarm bells are ringing loudly. By dint of saying that each match is decisive, we often risk thinking of a cliché, but the match lost by Montevarchi in Pesaro was really, perhaps more than the others. Yes, because the last three races, or at least two of them, are going to be really tough. The speech is valid for the home match next Saturday at the “Brilli Peri” against Cesena (at 5.30 p.m.) and for the direct match on Maundy Thursday evening in Viterbo (at 9 p.m.). Will a possible home victory against Gubbio on April 23 be enough to avoid the play-outs, provided that the Umbrians, already certain in training for a place in the play-offs, are affordable? In short, the first Sunday of April could not have been worse for the rossoblù, in orange uniform at “Benelli”, punished with a goal for time by Cannavò, the best of his team. And if the generosity of the eagles was not lacking, as has happened too many times on the outside, the errors of vagueness and ingenuity have repeatedly, unfortunately, become the distinguishing feature of many performances.

The figures are pitiless, because outside the Valdarnesi collected only 11 points against 27 in the friendly enclosure, the worst score of group B tied with the “merit” with Grosseto, Fermana and with Carrarese who yet made 31. at the Stadio dei Marmi. With different performances and in some cases beyond demerits, Amatucci and his companions also hold the unenviable negative record of games lost, 17 out of 35. The Eagles therefore last six in solitude at an altitude of 38 and the other formations in the lower quarters moved the entire classification, starting with the Pistoiese, capable of unrolling the leaders Modena, and Teramo, who bent the Carrarese. Draw more in series than in Viterbese-Reggiana, Imolese-Fermana, Grosseto-Siena and Pontedera-Olbia. At the triple whistle in the Marche region, Roberto Malotti (in the photo) did not hide his disappointment at the defeat: “Basically, the errors that appeared in Imola have been reviewed and reality tells us that ‘in two away games we have conceded four”. goals without a real shot. I don’t even remember a save from Giusti this time. In any case – continues the coach – compared to the derbies with Lucchese and Grosseto, the team has taken a clear step backwards and after a period that has given us confidence, letting us think of a clear path of mental growth, we are talking again ups and downs. With Vis Pesaro we had to channel the game in a different way, because we suffered little and in the end also created our opportunities, although they did not materialize for lack of incisiveness.”

As usual, continuing the analysis, the Florentine coach then did not take half measures: “It’s hard to hope not to finish in the play-outs if we only took one only point with Imolese, Grosseto and Pesaro Direct salvation is at 42 , in my opinion, but we have to get there However – he concluded with the temperament of those who are certainly not used to give up – the path we have traveled so far shows that we have been able to overcome very difficult times.

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