More than 6 million euros for the health of San Miniato, the regional councilor visits the hospital

Thanks to the funds Pnrr, the Tuscany Region has allocated 3 million euros to be allocated to the construction of 20 new places in intermediate care geriatrics for the Montegrappa pavilion (here the news).

The regional health adviser recalled this today March 23 Simone Bezzini during his first institutional visit to San Miniature. The mayor accompanied him Simone GiglioliThe advisers Giulia Profeti and Loredano Arzillithe regional councilor Enrico Sostegni.

After a visit to the municipal pharmacy of San Miniato Basso (the board of directors of Special Pharmacy Company, director Luigi Giglioli and the president Andrea Gronchi, in addition to advisers Ivano Leoni and Manuela Biancalani), Commissioner Bezzini was accompanied to thesick hospital et al Montegrappa Pavilion in San Miniato, with the director Silvia Guarduccito the medical director Emmanuel Gorifor Luca Tani and to the director of health society Empolese Valdarno Valdelsa Franco Doni.

The health establishment had been strategic during the pandemic because, thanks to the establishment of 16 beds in the Ospedale degli Infermi and 12 in the Montegrappa pavilion, it had relieved the pressure on other establishments of health, such as Empoli and Fucecchio, with these 20 additional beds could thus cover the real needs of the region, making a new qualitative leap.

“We are happy – said the director of the Hospital for the Sick Silvia Guarducci – to have received the commissioner because his presence recognizes the role of the San Miniato Hospital, a structure that during the Covid emergency has been fundamental for the management of all these cases had completed their acute hospitalization but still needed health care.This is a fundamental function especially now, with the increase in the average age and the pathologies for which places like this, connecting garrison and territory, are becoming increasingly important from the perspective of reduction in hospitalizations and they allow re-functionalization and rehabilitation while waiting for the return home. With this visit, we were also able to give visibility to the intermediate care service, a flagship that, due to the pandemic, we had not been able to inaugurate properly”.

“The municipal pharmacy – said Commissioner Bezzini – is proving to be a modern structure both from an organizational and technological point of view, becoming more and more a garrison for citizens and not only during the pandemic period. The San Miniato Hospital is a health structure divided into several components (intermediate care, dialysis, rehabilitation, etc …) which carries out health functions useful to the community at full capacity, with high quality and professionalism of the personnel of health that I thank for their commitment, in particular to be able to guarantee the normality of non-Covid services. On the part of the Tuscany Region, there is attention to this structure and this territory: in the resources of the Pnrr, 3 million euros have been allocated to activate, by 2026, 20 ul intermediate care bedsanteriori to the Montegrappa pavilion of the San Miniato hospital, a signal that projects this structure into the future, towards the hospital of continuity. The loan of 3.6 million for the Casa della Salute in Ponte a Egola, a long-awaited project that is in the works, and within a few months these resources will be available. The Region, compatible with the available resources, with these 6.6 million investments in San Miniato, intends to support it development of the territory through a synergistic perspective and a very strong focus on the potential of these structures”.

“I thank Councilor Bezzini for this much-awaited first visit to our territory – says Mayor Simone Giglioli -. Our pharmacies are proving to be a future-oriented excellence with new projects in tune with the times, at the forefront in terms of services and guarantees for users. I was very keen to show the counselor also our hospital, a fundamental structure for the pandemic which today, fortunately, has returned to normal. Our two structures have started to operate again at full capacity, with specific health and rehabilitation objectives and now comes the good news of the PNR funding for the Montegrappa Pavilion aimed at developing intermediate geriatric care, testifying to the attention that the Region is to have in our territory. With the counselor, I also wanted to address the issue of nursing homes, since those planned in San Miniato are two: that of San Miniato Basso already active, one of these so-called rays, more reduced, while that of Ponte in Egola, yet to be built, it will be a much larger hub, with 24-hour medical surveillance. It is an investment long awaited by the whole territory, slowed down by bureaucratic procedures, on which we can no longer wait. Funding is now on trackI hope to reach the call for tenders for the awarding of works as quickly as possible, hoping that at the end of the spring, we can finally reach the State-Region agreement necessary for the provision means “.

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