Mort Morosini, his girlfriend speaks out: ‘His life remains for him’

“There are a thousand winds blowing. I am the glittering diamond on the snow”. Anna Vavassori carefully chooses the words of a old american indian song speak openly for the first time in ten years. And of the life which, after the death of Piermario Morosiniwhich took place on April 14, 2012 while she played with Livorno against Pescara, she stayed with her. A single thought is enough for her to remember how she was and how she still feels alive with him. The end of his life, he told ANSA, “has nothing to do with what he was, what he left behind and what death could not exhaust.”

In recent years there have been all-time friends to huddle, the promotion of Livorno to Serie A, an association, the Live only, which has brought hundreds of defibrillators to schools, municipalities and sports clubs. There was Bergamo, with the district of Monterosso and the football field of the oratory of Piermario. There was a twenty-four-year-old girl who became an educator and, above all, a woman. “There are days of melancholy when it is more difficult to face everyday life, with emotional highs and lows impossible to describe, which can only be understood by someone who is going through something similar,” says Anna . The only way is to deal with it. “Love has been a lot and the fact that I manage to feed on it and give it allows me to say how much life there was even after Mario’s death”. So much so that, he continues, being able to transmit it today to “remind us to look each other in the eye”. And “knowing how to recognize what has been there, what dreams cannot be put aside, what lights cannot be extinguished”. Piermario remains what he was: “Able to generate beautiful things with his charisma, his affability, his smile, his beauty and his empathy”.

Last Sunday, Bergamo walked together to remember him exactly like this. Even Livorno in recent days has joined the memory with an exhibition of the shirts worn in his career. Anna’s memories mix “the waves of the Tuscan sea, the journey home and back, the songs to share, Ligabue and Jovanotti. The lines of this Navajo song that makes us feel that those who die do not sleep , remain in a thousand blowing winds”.

All Easter weekend the teams in which Piermario starred (Atalanta, Livorno, Udinese, bologna, Vicenza, Regina And Padua) will wear T-shirts with the patch ‘Moro10’who will come later auctioned to raise funds for new defibrillators, and all Serie B teams will have the captain’s armband in his honour. Anna takes another passage from a text written this time by the actor Philip Timi: “to give value to the time and the bonds of love built by Mario today is also to know how to sacrifice” because only by doing so “the moment of a life will become absolute”. He had also read it to Piermario’s teammates during the rise of Livorno in Serie A in 2014. Remembering that “you never win alone and for yourself”, knowing “not to forget” and why “no one walks looking back”. Faced with the memory, after ten years, “this is what I would like to transmit”. (MANIPULATE).

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