Movida Corso Garibaldi: stop on the sale of food and drinks from 10 p.m.

Local residents’ appeal dismissed: the restrictive ordinance on alcohol and outdoor spaces remains

The pressure on the nightlife of Corso Garibaldi has been preserved. According to the latest decision of the Administrative Court of Lombardy, Mayor Beppe Sala’s ordinance is effective, therefore the ban on the sale and delivery of takeaway food and drink continues from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and the use outdoor spaces and tables from midnight to 6am.

Movida Corso Garibaldi: the battle of the tenants

The tightening affects the premises of Largo La Foppa and the section of Corso Garibaldi between via Moscova and via Marsala. The story concerns the battle of the tenants of the condominium at number 104 “for cope with the situation of intolerable noise pollution caused by the customers of bars and pubs who pile up on a few square meters.

At the end of 2019, the TAR accepted the call from local residents.

Subsequently, the administration embarked on a process of dialogue with the exhibitors to find a solution. The Covid pandemic, the curfew and the various lockdowns had temporarily eliminated the problem, but by the summer of 2020 the problem had reappeared. In November, the Municipality decided to ban alcohol and tables outside from midnight to 6 on weekends. In May 2021, however, residents had ‘strength‘the first citizen to additional pressure: the prohibitionin fact, was brought forward to 10 p.m. for take-out, for the whole week.

Citizens, dissatisfied, again turned to the judges, demanding that the same deadline be extended to the outside tables as well.

Movida Corso Garibaldi: the question remains standing

The judges, after rejecting the appeal of the citizens, sanctioned the validity of the most severe order, confirming it. Lawyers for Palazzo Marino said theinadmissibility of the appeal “For lack of interest“, considering that the judgment in favor of the exhibitors had absorbed all the precedent, annulling its validity and making a clean sweep.

According to the college chaired by Domenico Giordano: “The annulment of award 2054 of 2020 did not upset the compliance judgment, which must continue because it is about to execute the judgment of the Tribunal number 1979 of 2019, pronounced on the inaction of the administration“.

Movida Corso Garibaldi: different hours

From the judges’ point of view, the June order ensures “Adequate and reasonable composition of the interests at stake”. Guaranteed the right to rest residents and business protection by business owners. Until the next sentence, the timetables of Corso Garibaldi are different from all the other districts of the Lombard capital.

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