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(25-15, 19-25, 25-17, 26-24)

: Leon 27, Rychlicki 16, Anderson 15, Solé 7, Giannelli 4, Ricci 2, Colaci (L1), Mengozzi 2, Plotnytskyi, Travica. NE – Ter Horst, Dardzans, Piccinelli, Russo, Piccinelli (L2).

Shepherd Nikola Grbic.

CHAR: Maar 16, Saadat 15, Raffaelli 14, Zingel 8, Wiltenburg 1, Baranowicz 1, Picchio (L), Bossi 1. NE – Rinaldi, Giani. Fabio Soli, shepherd

Referees: Gianluca Cappello (SR) and Stefano Caretti (RM)

SIR CONAD (bs 18, v. 2, walls 7, errors 7).

TOP VOLLEY (bs 12, v. 3, blocks 10, errors 10)

Great battle without knocks in the race-one of the quarter-finals of the Scudetto play-offs, a match in which Sir Safety Conad Perugia had to sweat a lot to reassert his superiority and give the more than two thousand spectators in the stands the largest joy. It was on paper the least uncertain quarter-final between first and eighth in the standings, but the bouldering devils struggled to live up to expectations by resorting to every trick. There was a fight against Top Volley Cisterna in a match that showed an extreme balance of values. The men of the Grbic technique gave a little too many balls to a suitor who had nothing to lose. And there was little that even the infinite power of champion Wilfredo Leòn was not enough to complete the task, a warning for the next matches. The bianconeri entered the field with the yellow and blue colors of the Ukrainian flag on their arms, to sensitize, if necessary, the public opinion on the unfortunate war which takes place in this country, and to ask for peace. After kick-off the match struggled to get to the heart of the matter with Giannelli trying to involve all his teammates (6-6). The change of gear comes from Leòn who scores hard shots (12-7). Solé, who dominates the axis, digs the gaps even more (19-12). No jolt until the wall of Solé which is worth one to zero. In the second half the hosts try to escape but four points in advance are canceled by the walls of Zingel (6-5). A few uncertainties allow Lazio players to cynically take advantage of it and move to 13-17. Plotnytskyi is thrown into the fray but the locals find no remedy against Raffaelli (ten times on goal) and it is left in no way on his wall. In the third phase, the fight is even more heated and we advance side by side until 12-12. He pushes Leon on the accelerator which creates a certain gap (18-14). The Umbrians never stop, Anderson winning two against one. Fourth fraction which takes a good turn (11-7). The gap rose to five points but then Perugino’s indecision called everything into question (18-18). Thrilling final with the formations which reach the advantages (23-23), to decide it is the usual Léon who poses the point of victory. Head to the Champions League now, Trento arrives on Wednesday.

Alberto Aglietti

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