multiple sclerosis, the campaign begins with the “casting” of patient stories

Rome, April 13 (Adnkronos Health) – The eighth edition of ‘Io non sclero’ opens today, the multiple sclerosis (MS) information and awareness project, developed by Biogen and the Onda Foundation, the National Observatory on Women’s Health and Gender, in collaboration with the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association (Aism) and with the patronage of the Italian Neurological Society (Sin). This year, the initiative brings together the approximately 130,000 people with MS in Italy and invites them to share their life stories, to tell what unexpected resource they discovered after diagnosis that helped them cope disease: their superpower. Beyond the sharing of stories, the initiative is a real casting, which will lead to the appointment of 3 new Ambassadors of the online community which has grown over the years, with more than 78,000 fans on Facebook. To participate, just go to the website, from today until June 13, and send a text accompanied by an image.

The face of the initiative is the actress, writer and godmother of Aism, Antonella Ferrari, who comments: “For me it is an honor to represent this edition of ‘Io non sclero’. For many years, I have spoken very openly about multiple sclerosis, that uncomfortable roommate that turns our lives upside down with its arrival. I talk about it in my shows, on TV, in my columns and I never tire of doing it with a smile on my face. Not because having SM is a godsend, quite the contrary! But it was after the diagnosis that I discovered that I had unsuspected resources within me and that I wanted to make them available to others. Laughter, irony, positivity, I like to think of them as my superpowers and I believe that all people like me who face illness have a superpower, which not only helps us overcome difficulties, but also often succeeds to have a positive influence on others. This is the great power of sharing and I believe this is the great resource of ‘Io non sclero'”.

A sharing of life stories that will see Antonella protagonist, from May, also in another parallel initiative, hosted on the Cleo app from Biogen, the free application dedicated to helping those who live with SM in daily life and created with the patronage of Aism et Péché. Starting in May, Cleo App will host a special series of podcasts in 5 episodes with the voice of Antonella Ferrari, who concludes: “Telling about life with MS is a real mission for me, so I immediately liked it. idea of ​​creating a common thread between these two initiatives and I hope to be able to reach as many people as possible and bring a message of strength and positivity. Because smiling is truly a super super power that multiple sclerosis cannot overcome” .

Antonella will be supported in her role as spokesperson for the ‘Io non sclero’ community also by three new ambassadors, who will be appointed in July, following the casting. The project committee will select three finalist stories from all these applications and the authors of these stories will become the three ambassadors who, together with Antonella, will represent the great ‘Io non sclero’ community in the following months. The initiatives planned with the participation of the ambassadors also include participation in a special television service.

“Never like this historic moment, do we need inspiration and feel the need to lean on our deepest and often hidden resources. We need ‘superheroes’ and often we don’t realize that each of us can be in our daily lives”, comments Francesca Merzagora, president of the Fondazione Onda. Francesco Vacca, National President of IALA agrees, explaining: “One of the most important sharing is certainly that people with MS have at their disposal and the testimonies of the friends of ‘Io non sclero’ show us that there is the will to support each other and to face the disease together who have just been diagnosed and are learning to live with what is called the invisible enemy, and for those who have had multiple sclerosis for years and who need motivation, but also for all those who in this difficult historical moment need to find the strength”.

All the stories of candidates for the 2022 casting will be available on the website, together with the hundreds of testimonies collected from 2014 to today. “For 8 years – says Giuseppe Banfi, CEO of Biogen Italia – ‘Io non sclero’ has been at the side of people with MS and offers them free space to face daily challenges together, without losing sight of projects and dreams. Year after year, our dedication to this project is consolidated and the feedback we receive fills us with satisfaction. Being pioneers in neuroscience is our mission and for us this means much more than developing innovative therapies and making them available to people with to serious neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, but rather means listening to their needs at 360° and proposing solutions and projects capable of going beyond the therapeutic field, to improve life in its multiple aspects. he concludes – is a clear example of this and I can’t wait to discover what this new edition has in store for us”.

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