Music, art, sport and conviviality: the six projects of the Territory Youth Plan are underway with activities and workshops for 11 to 29 year olds

THIRTY. Creativity, climate change, art, sport and sociability: these are just some of the themes which will be discussed in the six new projects proposed in youth plan of the Trento Arcimaga areawhich involves the municipalities of Thirty, Aldeno, Cimon And Garniga Terme.

THE young neighborhood plans I am instrument across which establishments And youth world collaborate for carry out projects Proposed by young people, either in the organization and implementation phases of the activities.

Activities are for boys and girls 11 to 29 years old with special attention to them active participation. This is also joined by the more specific aspects And characteristic individual initiatives.

I am six projects funded in this first callwhich will be followed by a second for planning from make it in the summerwith next expiration 1st May for the delivery of the idea card.


It takes place between Piedicastello And Christ the King and offers to give new life to creativity in a art form very particular, also reflecting onimportance of reuse he was born in recycling of Old clothes. The course is structured in a first stage which includes some Laboratory activities which will be followed by a second stage which provides a final single event in which to align the acquired skills. This will be an opportunity to find out more about clean styleby expressing it with big final parade. In three words: creativity, generativity and recognition.

Trento is populated

It’s about three evening events with live entertainment, open mic, karaoke and slam poetry. I am involved Youngthe citizenship he merchantsin a format that involves the participation of different realities with artistic performances, Creative And musical. The work was born within the Student Council of the Municipality of Trento, from the comparison of girls and boys on the night life, With the objective of respect the places in harmony with those who live there, but with theidea to liven up the streets of the historic center of the city of Trento. In three words: collaboration, training and sociality.

climate circle

face i psychological implications of climate change. It is aimed at young people among 15 and 35 years old, which in the two phases of the project will have to face a path of consciousness, comparison And share among peers to learn some “techniquesasset to counter the so-called “eco-anxiety” or “climate anxiety“. Get closer to the sustainability in terms of concrete actions And individual behaviors And collective newspapers. Young people will be accompanied by a Psychologist but also of themsame“, Involved in tutorship. In three words: listening, participation and change.

Paint your spot

It is a project of Street art which consists of retraining of the sports complex Navarin. The goal is to improve the area to make one Cozy place for the community, involving young people in the project and related activities. L’art and theto meet are our means: we will create, in collaboration with artists and experts, murals, benches and tables to be installed in the park, as well as tactical urbanism. In three words: requalification, community and future.

Thirty plays in the Balkans!

This initiative, intended for an audience from 11 years old, foresees afternoon musical workshops in the park of Villa Sant’Ignazio. A lesson-concert for the high school music students And two performances in collaboration with the Consult the students and the Music Center. Five days of concerts, open courses and performances to discover the balkan tunes, give him trubaci fanfare to turkish orchestrasto give life to the first Balkan Orchestra of Trent. In three words: joy and playing together.

Jamming Park Volume 2

This project aims to unite and give voice to Young through theart and that sport. We focus on skate parkplace that has to offer great opportunities: fun, physical activity and socialization. The project is developing in two moments. The first involves a cycle of freestyle bike and skateboard lessons, for girls and boys in middle school and high school, which will be held in the spring at skate park. The throwback event characterizes the second half instead. FOR Juneat the same place, the notes of young musicians, will accompany moments full of sharing and laughter between citizens of all ages. In three words: solidarity, pleasure and sport.

All information for the second call and detailed information on ongoing projects are available on the website or by writing to [email protected]

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