Naples, Mertens towards the farewell. Ospina stays

The Colombian, who expires in June, is proving to be a reliable keeper, as well as one of the best in Serie A: the club will make him an offer. The Belgian, on the other hand, will not have the 4 million renewal option exercised

Confirmations are often worth more than a purchase. They minimize risk and eliminate label fees. A factor that Aurelio De Laurentiis will necessarily have to take into account when he finds himself discussing the situation of David Ospina. The Colombian, who expires in June, is proving to be a reliable goalkeeper, as well as one of the best in Serie A. There are also plenty of his own if Napoli are the least beaten defense in the league (22 goals in 30 appearances ). ). In addition, he is the starter with the best goals against/minutes played ratio, with one every 117′. A resource not to be missed with a light heart therefore, especially if we consider all the physical problems which further limit the continuity of Alex Meret. He should have been the owner of the present, now the future possibility is also under discussion. Ospina, who turns 34 next August, is having his best form moment since being in Italy, an aspect which cannot be understated and which could lead the management to offer a renewal, probably at figures lower than current ones.

By Ghoulam and Malcuit

On the other hand, the president’s indication is clear, the amount of wages must be reduced by 30%. That’s how you should read the sale of Manolas in December and the failed deal with Insigne, who went on to sign with Toronto Fc. So, following the current trend, where the fear of not realizing capital gains is less than the opportunity to cut costs, Napoli will not renew the contracts of Ghoulam and Malcuit. Both are united by a marginal role in the technical project and by various injuries that have affected their performance. Their replacements have already been identified: Matias Olivera, whose transfer from Getafe will be formalized at the end of the season, and Alessandro Zanoli, who made his first appearances in Serie A this year and enjoys the esteem of Spalletti.

Mertens towards the farewell

On the other hand, there is little chance that Dries Mertens will be confirmed. The company has an option to extend the contract for another season, but De Laurentiis doesn’t intend to pay him a salary of 4 million, again for sustainability reasons. So, if there is room for a stay at Napoli on a technical level, the Belgian will certainly have to settle for a reduced salary. His contribution was tangible, the link with the environment remains indissoluble. If it were to prove decisive in this final season, the renewal would not be just a gesture of gratitude. Meanwhile, Inter, pondering the possibility of acquiring an experienced striker at a lower cost, are watching developments with interest.


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