Napoli, De Laurentiis referred for the match against Juventus

January 6 Lobotka, Rrahmani and Zielinski in Turin on the day of the 1-1. FIGC prosecutor fired Azzurri president and health director for violating FSA provision

Stanislav Lobotka, Amir Rrahmani and Piotr Zielinski were in home quarantine on January 6 but were still on the pitch for Epiphany’s Serie A match against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium, which ended 1-1. For this reason, the president of Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis, the director of health Raffaele Canonico and the same company have been referred by the Federcalcio prosecutor. The motivation, according to the FIGC press release, is “to have allowed Lobotka, Rrahmani and Zielinski to have taken part in the Juventus-Napoli match despite the home quarantine ordered by the ASL”. The three had been arrested as close contacts of positives but still without a booster dose and with a second dose of vaccine more than 120 days ago.

Napoli’s decision

At the time of the facts, Napoli – after consulting their lawyers – had deemed it correct to deploy them because they complied with the “soft” quarantine introduced by the Football Federation in June 2020 and still valid for sporting purposes. This allowed athletes to commute to work, so to train and play. For the so-called “relaxed” quarantine introduced on December 30, 2021, the three should have isolated themselves, according to the protocol.

The reference

The referral came “for not having enforced or in any case for not having enforced the rules relating to health checks, and in particular for having authorized or, in any case, not prevented the players Stanislav Lobotka, Amir Rrhamani and Piotr Zielinski to leave Naples for Turin by plane on January 5, together with the rest of the team, and to participate in the match valid for Serie A Juventus-Napoli on January 6. All this despite the three aforementioned players having been subjected to a quarantine at home until January 9, as ordered by ASL Napoli 2-NORD communicated on January 5 at 5:01 p.m. The company has been referred to respond as direct responsibility for the violation of article 6, paragraph 1, of the current CGS, for the behavior set up by the president Aurelio De Laurentiis and as objective liability for the violation of art.6, paragraph 2, of the current CGS, for the behavior set up by the head of health R affaele Canonico”.

What Naples risks

In light of the best-known precedent recorded so far in Serie A, or the so-called Lazio-tamponi affair, the club should currently only risk a fine. For sending positive players to the field and to the bench, the Biancoceleste company actually did not get penalty points (the prosecutor himself did not ask for them in the first instance), President Lotito – in the end a long road to sports justice – had two months of referral, while the two doctors five (but here there is still a counter-appeal to the Sports Guarantee Commission at Coni).


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