National Women’s Health Day: more than 300 free visits

Humanitas Hospitals and Humanitas Medical Care Centers Celebrate National Women’s Health Day, scheduled for Tuesday, April 19 through Friday, April 29, with a special schedule of free Women’s Health visits

Sabrina Clerk

I am more than 300 tours available of all women, from Tuesday 19 to Friday 29 April, promote information, prevention and the importance of medicine that is increasingly attentive to gender differences. In the calendar, breast exams for breast cancer prevention, but also gynecological consultations and cardiological visits to monitor cardiovascular risk. Dedicated visits abound pelvic floor healthas well as those for prevention of osteoporosis. Without forgetting mental well-being, with Information, Prevention and Research to combat delays linked to Covid-19

Data collected by the National Screening Observatory (ONS) from January 2020 to May 2021 compared to those of 2019, before the Covid entered our lives, they report a 28.5% drop in screenings carried out. “Among these – he explains Daniela Bernardi, Humanitas Medical Care breast radiology and screening specialist – weighs mammography screening data, with nearly a million fewer mammograms (817,000), resulting in 3,558 diagnosis of breast cancer not made and a cumulative delay of about five months”. As for the cervix, they are 784.760 screenings not carried out with 3,504 missed diagnosis of tumors.

Breast and cervical screening is accompanied by colorectal screening: indeed, colon cancer has undergone a “gender” change becoming the second “emergency” in the female world (about 20,000 cases/year) after breast cancer (55,000 cases/year). Compared to breast cancer, colorectal cancer still has a fairly high mortality, mainly due to diagnostic delays.

Also for the Colon Cancerso this percentage falls a little more 65% (source Aiom 2021), prevention is fundamental: it is thus possible to identify tumors while they are still in their initial phase, before they manifest themselves through symptoms, and to offer more effective therapies. The initiative supports “Pink union”: Humanitas research adapted to women who work to make treatments ever more effective, using new knowledge and innovation to provide specific solutions.

To see the full schedule free preventive visits just log in to the site union pink of the Humanitas Research Foundation.

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