nearly 14,000 newborn babies have died from lack of food since the start of the year

A humanitarian catastrophe is looming: more than half of the population is already in a situation of food insecurity. International agencies are putting containment measures in place. Meanwhile, Moscow has accredited the first diplomat of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Kabul (AsiaNews / Agencies) – Afghanistan continues to sink into a humanitarian crisis that analysts and experts had announced, after the Western withdrawal and the Taliban reconquest of the country: 95% of the population continues to have food consumption insufficient; more than 85% of households that previously had income said they did not receive a salary in February; at least 23 million people (more than half of the population) are already food insecure. To eat at most there is only bread, even sweetening the tea is a luxury. At least 26 mothers and 13,700 newborn babies have died since the start of the year due to lack of food, according to Health Ministry figures.

In a country where the number of widows exceeds 900 thousand seconds reliefwebwomen and children are forced to beg for alms in an attempt to support their families: in Herat, several hundred children have been taken away by officials from the Ministry of Labor and international organizations to learn a trade, writes -he ToloNews. Boys rescued from the streets will receive $79 per month and can continue their studies for six months. Buffer measures, such as Unicef ​​money transfers: the most vulnerable families receive financial assistance with the possibility of freely disposing of the money. According to a recent report by the agency, the money is mainly used to buy food, shoes and clothes for the children, medicine, wood or other fuels to heat the house.

At the same time, thanks to the inattention of Western media, focused on the conflict in Ukraine, the Taliban calmly continue their repression of society: girls have been banned from returning to school, women will not be able to travel to stranger without companion; the BBC, Deutsche Welle and other international media were forced to shut down their Urdu, Pashto and Persian programs and leave; parks have been segregated by gender – women will only be able to go three days a week and men the other four, including weekends – men have also been required to wear traditional clothing and be pushed beard. Officials from the Ministry for Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice have threatened to fire anyone who shows up for work in violation of the new rule. In case anyone still has any doubts, it is clear that the Taliban has not changed and has not become moderate.

It would therefore have been a historic event if the girls had really been allowed to return to school, as the Taliban had first promised: on the morning of March 23, when after more than seven months the schools were reopened for the beginning. From the new year, young women who would have returned to high school were banned from entering class. In protest, the United States failed to show up for a scheduled meeting in Doha where it would discuss key economic issues with the Taliban to unblock the financial situation and the lack of liquidity, the main cause of the humanitarian situation. disastrous.

The Taliban then turned to the East: yesterday and today, a summit of foreign ministers from the region was held in China. The summit, the third of its kind, was held in Tunxi, China’s Anhui province, and brought together representatives from Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. China stressed that a prosperous and stable Afghanistan is in the interest not only of the Afghan people, but of the entire region. On the sidelines of the meeting, trilateral economic relations between Kabul, Islamabad and Beijing will be discussed, while Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the growing commercial ties between Afghanistan and neighboring countries are helping to recognize potential international Taliban. administration: today the first Afghan diplomat of the new government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was accredited to Moscow.


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