Nicholas gives up. With Como there will not be – Sport

by Francesco Paletti

There will probably be no Nicolas (photo). Because the knee still hurts a little even though diagnostic tests have confirmed that there is no trauma or other complications. Although a decision on this will only be made at the last minute. But Livieri, even in Perugia, showed himself to be quite up to it. Then Lucca will return, one of those players that Pisa absolutely needs to recover in view of a season finale which, in any case, promises to be decidedly intense. And on the other hand, there is a Como who has gone beyond the reddest prognoses, hitting the salute well in advance, still has nothing or almost nothing to ask of the championship and who will come to the ‘Arena even with several absences of absolute importance: There will not be striker Cerri, who also found himself in the crosshairs of the Nerazzurri club this summer, who dislocated his shoulder and for whom the championship is already over. Central defender Bertoncini is also out through injury. Nor will there be the attacking winger of the Parisians and Solini, pillar of the backward district. In short, at least on paper, the ideal match to revive, after the most difficult week of the season, that of direct clashes with Benevento and Brescia and the challenge of Perugia, which could have launched the Nerazzurri towards the dream of promotion direct. and, instead, they saw them slip to sixth place, albeit just three points off second place. You have to rediscover the victory and, at the same time, some of those performers who for a good part of the season have been the added value for a good part of the season. Lucca definitely. But also Tourè and Leverbe. And making the most of January’s big market hits, Torregrossa and Benali in particular, seemed a bit opaque in the most important week. Woe to consider the challenge with the Larians is not one of the last stages of an exciting championship but in the end credits.

Because the Easter Monday match can become the “springboard” towards a season finale where everything is still possible. Because afterwards there will be a direct confrontation with Lecce and if by chance Pisa arrives there on the wings of the enthusiasm of a victory, perhaps convincing, even for the battleship of Salento it will not be easy to gain the upper hand on the Nerazzurri. In any case, Serie A can also arrive through the play-offs. Which must be prepared in the best possible way from two points of view: it will be important to get there with the most advantageous placement, because finishing third or sixth may not be the same thing. And above all, find some of the great protagonists of the first part of the season at the top. It is not certain that good has already happened. Indeed, it is possible that it is yet to come.

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