of Stagno the just fears of an unacceptable blackmail

In one of the most polluted sites in Italy (and where sanitation does not even take a step forward to pay for gold), the regional Democratic Party is considering new power stations.

by Giuseppe Mascambruno

POND – COLLESALVETTI (Li) – Health, environment, work. Even before constitutional protection, there is the life of every human being in these three words. And it is also the synthesis of many events that intersect in our territories, those of the Tuscan coast, in the shadow of a policy or, to put it better, of politicians-politicians who do not seem quite to the height of the challenge. All taken as they are by personal ambitions of better and better paid careerism.

An article published a few days ago by recounts one of the rare examples of dissidence, in this case the provincial secretary of the Pisan Democratic Party Oreste Sabatino, who are inscribed in this drawing dear to the regional Democratic Party of little struggle-much coalition and government. Florentinocentric more than ever confirmed by the advent of Giani to the presidency of the regional government and still hostage to the struggles and practices of power dear to the lobbying at Renzienne.

The idea has long been clear in the minds of these political executors: the coast is compromised by the presence and remnants of an industrial history with a strong environmental and health impactso much so that it is no coincidence that Massa, Livorno-Collesalvetti, Piombino and Orbetello coincide with the four FISHING (Sites of National Interest). Called so precisely to report places to rehabilitate.
But since the claims don’t step forward even to pay them gold, let alone not pay (fund) them for nothing as it happens in reality: then what better than these , in their opinion, semi-waste bins already well under way to become full-fledged trash cans at the service of the city, Florence first, which has been cleaning up the problem for decades with the history of the aborted system of ?

The theme also entered fully into themeeting promoted on Friday 8 April by the at the Stagno Civic Center which I had the privilege of leading. Privilege yes. Because it was an opportunity to listen live rumors that for years they try in vain to make themselves heard by local politicians, all taken by personal convenience to belong to the power in place.
Important and qualified voices. Starting with that of Dr Fabrice Bianchia well-known and long-experienced epidemiologist (as he proudly clarified) in the most polluted and polluting places in Italy, author with other researchersTrails>. The study, funded by money from the Ministry of Health and shared with the university excellences of Pisa which, although piecemeal and in the midst of a thousand hidden and obvious hostilities, seeks to photograph the health risks of people living in a NAS.

Bianchi made it clear that he was present <à titre personnel>but he couldn’t help but share with everyone the concerns of a situation that the mainstream narrative nails’unacceptable blackmail between two rights which cannot be put in conflict: health and work.

The meeting, moderated by Luca Chiappe and Valerio Cignoni, was attended, among the many others present, by Andrea Crespolini, councilor for the environment of the municipality of Collesalvetti and the provincial secretary of the CGIL, Fabrizio Zannotti. No political presence from Livorno, even less from the Democratic Party, which would do well to take notes at least from Orestes Sabatino, neither from parliamentarians, nor from regional councilors or municipal administrators.
A bad sign that confirms the worries of those who still fear assumptions that have not entirely faded future of the Eni refinery in terms of waste disposal. And who claims, rightly, the clarity of who governs the Region, in this exercise which has always annoyed those in charge, whom they call Democracy.

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