of the Regions – Valle d’Aosta – De la Giunta: the Regional Health and Social Welfare Plan 2022/2025 approved

The Department of Health, Health and Social Policy informs that the Council, in its session today, Monday, April 11, 2022, approved the Health and Social Welfare Plan 2022/2025.

“It is a health and social planning document of fundamental importance for health,” he says. Councilor Barmasse -, which was missing since 2013. It was an important and precise work of the structures of more than 10 months, in which we analyzed all the questions concerning the topic of health and social well-being. The health emergency has highlighted the need to reorganize and support the role of the territory and its main actors with greater means, continues the city councilor. This is a new territorial social and health aid which, going beyond purely disbursed logic, places the person at the center of all their needs. After having “opened” the document to the different institutional actors and citizens, through the democratic participation platform, receiving the contributions, the document will continue its process, through the competent Advisory Commission, for approval by the Regional Council.”

Every decision and every action of the regional government has direct or indirect consequences on the state of health and social well-being of people, as now shown by all the indicators used by national and international planning bodies and agencies to assess the development potential of a company. . Therefore, health and social well-being must be the determinant of all regional government policies.

The principles and assumptions of the 2022-2025 Plan lead to two obvious objectives for which a multi-year strategic plan is prepared, namely:

1) improving the state of health of people (in the absence and in the presence of disease, because it refers to physical and mental well-being), regardless of their age, sex or social condition;

2) the improvement of the complex system of organized and integrated supply of services, of public and private agreements, prepared both in the ordinary phases and in emergencies.

The 5 Macro Domains of which the Plan is made up meet these two objectives: 4 themes and 1 of transversal value. Macro-axis 1 places “prevention at the center of health and social protection policies”; Macro area 2 concerns “a new territorial network of services as an integrated response for the health and social well-being of citizens”; Macro-axis 3 concerns “hospital health in a new logic of productive and functional network”; Macro-axis 4 deals with “planning of social services in an integrative and generative logic of well-being” and macro-axis 5 refers to “governance of the regional health and social well-being system”.



Source: Department of Health, Health and Social Policies – Press Office of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta / Valle d’Aosta

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