Online pharmacies: the 3.0 side of health and well-being

Technology – and the last two years have taught us this like never before – is essential to our lives. This allows us to speed up many processes and purchase products of a different nature. Since it broke out therehealth emergency caused by Covid-19the technological objective has allowed us to discover the 3.0 side of health and well-being. How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to the rise of online shopping for over-the-counter medications and supplements. This mode of access to the aforementioned products, a reality since 2015, literally exploded in 2020. 2021 proved to be an equally satisfactory year, with an excellent turnover of + 25% on average relating to the network channel. Nor should we forget the continuous increase – currently there are about 1300 – of pharmacies authorized for online sale by the Ministry of Health.

The benefits ofpurchase of drugs, cosmetics and supplements without a prescription on the web They are different. As the case of Armani Pharmacy, a player that has established itself in the market in a short time by putting product quality, reliability and product assortment first, you may have to face very attractive discounts reserved only for the channel in line. Today, let’s face it, when you can save money without giving up excellence, it’s worth taking advantage of it!

Additionally, the value of the Customer service, which in recent years has been significantly improved by companies that sell online. In the case of online pharmacies, this becomes even more interesting because, thanks to the intermediation of the web, many people can feel more comfortable asking for advice on health problems which, in some cases, they may be ashamed to speak with whom they live. other customers around.

We must not forget thehybrid approach. For those who feel safe having human contact – something common to many users who have approached e-commerce over the past couple of years not by choice but by necessity dictated by social restrictions – the possibility exists, in many situations, to buy online and to withdraw at the physical point of sale.

In all of this, safety must never be forgotten. To put it in the foreground is to first check the presence on the pharmacy site of the official stamp in the shape of a green cross referring to the authorization for online sales on the site of the Ministry of Health. Finally, remember that in Italy, pharmacies can only sell non-prescription (SOP) and over-the-counter drugs online, that is, over-the-counter drugs. Not to mention supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.

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