“Open Week Donna”, the cycle of meetings on women’s health has begun

The Medical Direction of the Hospital Santo Stefano di Prato Hospital organizes from April 20 to 26 the “Women’s Open Week”a series of four meetings open to the public which will be hosted in the building of the Province of Prato and will be broadcast on the Youtube channel of the Province.

Since 2022, Santo Stefano has received three pink stamps from the ONDA Foundation (National Observatory for Women’s Health and Gender)the only one in the vast central area to have taken this step for its commitment to promoting a gender approach in the definition and strategic planning of social and health services.

“On the occasion of Women’s Health Open Week, as a hospital unit with three pink stamps awarded by Onda for the treatment of health problems related to eight-year-old women, this year, thanks also to the availability of the Province of Prato, we have thought of meetings with doctors of various specialties with topics dedicated to the prevention of the main pathologies affecting the female universe and beyond”, said Dr. Sara Melanimedical director of the S. Stefano Hospital.

“One of the delegations of the Province is that of equal opportunities – added the President of the Province Francesco Puggelli – and I am happy to host this initiative which helps to understand how the same pathologies must be treated differently, whether the patient is a man or a woman, to obtain better results from the therapies. The Prato ASL proves that it does an excellent job in this direction and I can only be proud to promote it”.

The four meetings can be followed freely by connecting to the Youtube channel of the Province of Prato (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC07dZBaoR3OfHmZskyMVgog/featured) on the established days and times. Participants will be able to ask their questions by writing them directly in the comments, in order to receive an immediate response from the speakers. The videos will remain saved on the channel and will therefore be viewable even later.

Below is the program:


– 4 p.m.: Dr. Enrico Grassi, “Migraine”

– 5 p.m.: Dr. Silvia Pradella, “Epilepsy”


– 5 p.m.: Dr. Monica Pieraccioli, “Pink Code in DEA”;

Dr. Donatella Pianeti, “Indicators of Possible Violence”


– 4 p.m.: Dr Chiara Fiaschi, Dr Laura Di Marco, Dr Valentina Frau, “Prevention of tumors of the female system”


-4 p.m.: Dr Rebecca Zagni, “Lifestyle in specific situations (pregnancy, menopause”;

– 6 p.m.: Dr Laura Biganzoli, “Prevention of breast cancer”;

Dr. Marco Rettore, “Breast surgery”.

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