Ossola 24 – Sport of the VCO penalized by the distribution of Pnrr funds: Endas appeals to local parliamentarians

VCO – 2022-04-18 – The VCO sports movement, penalized by the distribution of PNRR funds. This was reported by Endas VCO, noting that sports promotion bodies remain excluded from the “sport and social inclusion” calls which only favor sports federations. The organization for the promotion of sport (recognized by the CONI) therefore invites local elected representatives to urgently remedy manifest discrimination.
The call to which reference is made finances “sport and social inclusion” interventions in favor of the most peripheral and marginal realities, but to be admitted to financing it places the interest of a Sports Federation as an irremovable stake.
Endas VCO notes: “First of all a huge contradiction because on the one hand we want to finance interventions for sports equipment in the most marginal areas, the smallest municipalities, interior areas, and then it’s a ‘conditio sine qua no’ membership of a national sports federation, with the double taxation that each federation can only support one project. Translated into numerical terms, no one can participate in our province.”
In recent weeks, all national sports promotion bodies, mainly ENDAS, have sent a letter to the government in order to modify the announcement; Uncem, the organization which protects the mountain bodies, also raised the controversy, but it seems, without any fruit and without feedback.
“As already expressed by our national levels, this makes us smile bitterly, moreover, as in the guidelines of the Coverno we speak of “sport and social inclusion”, removing however the EPS, which represent the vast majority of Italians sporting population – two thirds of people who practice sport in Italy – and the whole movement of large national associative networks – one third of the country’s third sector system, often in the most degraded areas of the territory, and not only for competitions Driving forces in the daily mission of Sports and Social Promotion Organizations”.
“ENDAS VCO – declares President Moreno Bossone -, wants to address this appeal to the parliamentarians of the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola Hon. Mirella Cristina, Hon. Enrico Borghi and Sen. Enrico Montani, as well as to all the representatives of regional politics and provincial, so that they act to highlight this anomaly which penalizes, but above all discriminates against all the sports equipment of the Province, to the detriment once again of the weakest and most defenseless, of our children and territories included in the mountain areas, and in the vaunted “internal domains”, which, again, see no way of merit in participating in public funding”.

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