“Our health is not for sale, we will not bend” – Lavocedigenova.it

The people of Sampierdarena in the street against chemical deposits a Somalia Bridge and this time he will march and demonstrate with the workers. Sign of a contestation which, in recent times, had not been in high tones and renewed in series as in the past, but nevertheless certainly not dormant or diminished in intensity.

Without prejudice to the expectation of the word of the judiciary, pressed by West-Central Town Hall, who turned to this. The appointment for the event is set for Thursday, April 21, when the citizenship meeting was indicated at 5:30 p.m. Barabino Squarepractically at the entrance to the delegation for those coming from the center and the east.

“It will be important to strengthen the Municipality and the portworker representatives of CGIL, Cisl And Uil“, Let the organizers know, recalling how on April 26 will take place the hearing of a representation of the demonstrators in the joint commission transport and environment of the House of Representatives.

The town hall explains Fabrice MaraniniPresident Second Town Hall II Center West Commissionwhich was the body most directly responsible for the file, “has worked a lot in this direction and now I am proud because we will also be audited, representing the population and the workers, and not only the president of Port Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea or other politicians.

Meanwhile, the manifesto announcing the garrison is a genuine call to be there, warning that the protest is determined and does not stop and that citizens’ health is not a commodity that can be put up for sale. A deliberately dark and gloomy manifesto which, at least in this case, seems to be the exposition of a programmatic line. After all, the Midwest Commission had given birth to a common and shared document, the result of the identity of ideas and points of view between the inhabitants, the unions, the committees and the associations.

Document which was then approved by a majority during the municipal Council from Baldini Room. Port and city are an indisputable and strong dualism for Genoa, which owes a lot to its port. A great site of global importance which has often also strongly united the city but which, in this case, divides it drastically in a still transversal and decidedly harsh contrast.

The protest has been going on for years and it is mostly fueled by the residents of Designed by sergio and the area on the port bow of the delegation. Because they fear the possibility of disasters that would see them in the front line, but also damage to the environment, already compromised by the intense traffic in the area. Their windows would have a view of the depots, which would be moved somewhere by Multedo.

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