Outdoor sports, the announcement arrives in Empoli

From today, Thursday April 7, 2022, the notice of the “Sport in the parks” project, promoted with Sport and Salute SpA, is published on the web page of the Municipality of Empoli.

The notice contains the requirements to identify the sports clubs that will manage the “Urban sports activities and weekends”, green spaces in the city parks made available by the Municipality for the realization of free sports activities intended for specific targets and – in general – for the whole community, thanks to funding from Sport and Salute and the Municipality itself.

The project, born from the collaboration between Sport e Salute SpA and ANCI, aims to define a new model for the use of public parks, providing for the creation of “sports islands”, open-air gymnasiums managed by associations and amateur sports clubs in the region. .

Applications must be sent, according to the procedure described in the notice, no later than May 6, 2022 at 12 noon.

The ASD/SSD identified will have to create a program to be carried out free of charge, with recreational-sports activities dedicated to children and young people, multi-sport activities dedicated to women, sports activities for the over 65s and other targets, also differentiated at the territorial level.
Other ASDs/SSDs will also be identified who, in turn, can promote lesser-known and innovative sports.

In addition to the sporting activity, to be carried out within twelve months of the start of the project, “sport and social” or “sport and health” theme days, training and information meetings on specific themes, are planned for the community, with the aim of promoting messages and awareness campaigns on social issues and correct lifestyles, in collaboration with other topics and institutions in the region.

Interested ASD / SSD can consult the public notice and how to submit the application at the following link https://www.comune.empoli.fi.it/avviso/istanza-di-partecipazione-al-progetto-sport-nei-parcs .

The sports councilor Fabrizio Biuzzi is satisfied: “I thank Sport and Health for the attention it pays to a way of doing sport that before the onset of the pandemic we had all somewhat abandoned, that in the parks. fundamental outsiders in these two difficult years and I think this can be a great starting point for sports disciplines to regain that speed and momentum that they have inevitably lost in times of the pandemic. I really hope to see many athletes and many Empolese in the city gardens for healthy physical activityā€¯.

For more information you can also send an email to toscana@sportesalute.eu.

Source: Municipality of Empoli – Press Office

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