“Overcoming gender disparities also in the health sciences”

Status of woman, March 31, 2022“There are things that should be taken for granted and instead we are still pursuing them with difficulty today. In some cases it even seems to be taking a thousand steps backwards. It is clear that much remains to be built on the path of respect and dialogue between men and women. And this is true for institutions, for politics, and it is also true for science”.

Thus the president of the regional council of Puglia, Loredana Capone, during the press conference for the presentation of the higher education course in gender medicine wanted by the Regional Women’s Council, in collaboration with the prevention department of the ASL of Bari, scheduled for April 6 and 7 in the Council Chamber in via Gentile.

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“Discovering that most of the existing orthopedic prostheses – added the president – are designed on the body of men, so additional work is needed to adapt them to the female and this is not always successful, left me speechless. It is inconceivable that we do not realize that this diversity is fundamental, that it is not a good or a bad thing, but simply a diversity that must be known.We constantly live in the shadow of stereotypes, the The very word “humanity” has a masculine root but it is not so: humanity is made up of men and women. And then, the first commitment of this Regional Council is to break stereotypes, to open our eyes to all those who think one way, by helping them to understand that diversity is always an added value”.

The proposal of the President of the Regional Women’s Council, Vera Guelfi, promote high-level training in gender medicine for doctors, nurses and health professionals in the classroom. “For too long the health sciences have neglected gender differences, there shouldn’t be ‘gender medicine specialists’ but every doctor, every nurse, every health worker needs to know about gender differences different diseases”.

The course, which sees the scientific supervision of Dr Anna Maria Moretti, member of the technical table of the gender medicine working group at Ares as well as of the regional technical table “Application and dissemination of gender medicine”, s is aimed at doctors, nurses and health auxiliaries, it is free and provides for the recognition of training credits for participating health personnel.

The initiative has the patronage of the Italian Health and Gender Group (GISeG), the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Bari, the Order of Nursing Professions of Bari and the Orders of Radiology Health Technicians medical, technical health professions, rehabilitation and prevention of BA-TA-BT.

The press conference brought together: the president of the Regional Women’s Council, Vera Guelfi, the scientific director of the course, Anna Maria Moretti, the director of the ASL prevention department, Domenico Lagravinese, the Uil Equal Opportunity coordinator, Sonia Ostrica.

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