Padel Milano: why is everyone crazy about this sport?

Paddle is a sport that has managed to conquer all of Milan and all of Italy.

There are many clubs born in recent years and, given the high demand, organizing a match is something that cannot be left to the last minute, but must be planned and organised.

In case you don’t know, padel is a racket sport, played on a court smaller than the usual tennis court. The duration of the game, the score and the technical gestures are very similar to the discipline of Federer and Nadal, which makes this activity perfect for those who want to keep in shape and give free rein to a healthy competitiveness.

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Regularly participating in your club is a great option to train regularly, but also to socialize with people who have the same passion as you.

In addition to your social network, however, padel also brings many health benefits, both physical and mental: you can choose to play with friends, spend an evening in a different and fun way, and, in all case, put your muscles to work. body after a long day at the office.

So let’s see what are the 8 great advantages that reserving a court and starting to play padel can bring you right away.

Playing padel in Milan: an excellent anti-stress

When you play padel in Milan, it’s easy to meet many people who share the same passions as you, even if there is a bit of competition.

Playing padel, in fact, activates your mind and body and allows you to free your mind from all the problems related to the daily routine of work and life by focusing on one goal: your game.

After a padel match, you will surely sleep better and focus on the important things in life. Moreover, by frequenting the club, you will find new playmates who will make each match different and exciting.

Coping with the challenges and modern lifestyle can be very exhausting, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it’s good to have an activity that you can focus on and use as a way to get rid of accumulated stress.

Relaxation and fun in the field

Contrary to popular belief, padel has no age or gender restrictions.

This means that it is ideal for children and young people who are studying, but also for working adults who are looking for a way to stay in shape that is not the usual and boring gym.

It is played in teams, that is to say two players against a team of two other players.

In the beginning, there are four people who bond, socialize and have fun. Of course, even if they don’t perform well, they will be satisfied after practice. You don’t have to be a professional. Amateurs are also great at this sport and can experience all the benefits from it.

Padel: the rules are very simple

Contrary to what one might think, playing padel is not complex, especially if you know how other racket sports work.

Generally, it takes less than 20 minutes to feel comfortable and confident on the court. The rest will come with practice and lots of leg and shoulder play.

It’s an inclusive sport

It is one of the best faces of paddle in Milan and everywhere: it is a sport that people of different ages and with specific conditions can practice.

If you’re out of shape, you’ll get better as you learn the discipline. If you already have a solid base of padel, you can decide to use the court both to play against others and to practice and improve your strokes.

Improve reflexes and fine motor skills

It takes a high level of attention and focus on what you are doing to be good at paddling. Since you need to have coordination between the mind, the eyes, the arms and the legs, we can say that it is a sport with very great potential and it will improve many aspects of your life and the really make it better.

Focus on the target, sprint forward and hit as hard as you can.

Strengthen all the muscles in your body

When we say that padel touches all the muscles of the body, we also mean the heart muscle, which is essential for our health. The game of padel consists of aerobic exercises, which means that circulation improves and the heart will remain young for a long time.

To this is also added a great toning of the body, in particular of the leg muscles.

The hands, thanks to the coordinated movements, will become stronger, as well as the rest of the body which will be more defined and supple.

Playing padel helps to improve your state of mind

Even if you don’t want to become a padel champion, once you learn the rules you will see challenges ahead of you that you will need to improve. A better forehand, a more impactful aerial game and a more powerful serve can be things to work on during your moments on the court.

But there is more. Even if you are not 100% focused on sport, with padel you will learn to acquire healthy habits, to work as a team to achieve a common result, and also to set your big goals and achieve them.

Many health benefits

In addition to the mental benefits and the improvement of cardiac work, know that you can burn up to 400 calories in one hour of padel and thus burn harmful fats in the body.

Moreover, like any physical activity, even a padel match releases endorphins and makes us feel good and happy. In addition, it improves the quality of sleep, helps us wake up rested and reduces the risk of headaches and migraines. Best of all, regardless of your age, you’ll feel younger and younger after every workout, both mentally and physically.

Why book a court and start playing padel?

Padel, as you will have seen, has many benefits for your mental health and for your general state of health.

We all need a moment of leisure in our hectic daily life, and this sport perfectly combines the social and competitive side that we all seek.

Getting started couldn’t be simpler: find a good club near you and grab your racquet. Teammates and winning moves will come with time.

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