Parco della Salute, the revolt of women: “Do not separate the Sant’Anna pole”

How much did we expect to gain from the sale of the old hospitals which will now retain their current function? And how the economic and financial plan of the Parco della Salute project will have to change to allow the modification: four hospitals (Sant’Anna, Regina Margherita, Cto and new Molinette in the ex-Fiat Avio area) instead of the two indicated in the old project, center of excellence and CTO as a local hospital? There is more than one question behind the scenes of the clash born of the spread of the news about the Region’s desire to move Sant’Anna away from the Park to give birth to a new mother-child society. Not to mention the age of the hospitals: Molinette born in 1935, Sant’Anna born in 1938, Regina Margherita born in 1961. Maintenance costs are very high and weigh heavily on business budgets. “We are going to make a new economic and financial plan, but that has nothing to do with the Health Park project for which there are no obstacles,” said health adviser Luigi Icardi.

Health Park. Doctors and politics against stew

by Sara Strippoli

Associations that deal with women’s health do not like the new project of unpacking women’s care. About sixty associations (including the CGIL and the UIL) united under the acronym “Health Group: 194 voices” are sounding the alarm: “We are women, not incubators”. And they explain: “This choice amounts to not taking into account the health of mothers. Today, an increasing number of pregnancies occur in women who have diseases (heart disease, kidney disease) or who develop them during pregnancy. The need to activate a multidisciplinary assistance is therefore widely recognized, so that obstetricians work in close and daily contact with other specialists, cardiologists, nephrologists, surgeons, adult hematologists”.

Twenty years of projects. Here are all the stages from 2002 to today

by Sara Strippoli

Yesterday, the question of the reactions of the world of health was addressed during the council held at Acqui and it emerged from the team of Alberto Cirio the conviction that it is advisable to continue: birth of the new company and fracture in the care of women with mother-child birth and division: gynecology and oncology in the health center of excellence and obstetrics and neonatology in the old hospital which remains where it is.

Ricardi: “It looks like a goose game. We’re going backwards instead of forwards.”

by Sara Strippoli

It is not only the Municipality and the Faculty of Medicine of the University, but also the professionals in favor of the operation who are asking for a quick return to the discussion in the control room. Daniele Farina is the director of neonatology at the Città della Salute and has always been against the transfer to the health park: “A question of space – he argues – the old Fiat Avio area is too small. If they gave us a mother-child tower, that would be good for us, but as far as we know, there are no square meters. I launch a provocation: give us the skyscraper of the Region”.

Farina asks the University to sit down at the table and discuss all the options in the field: “In the absence of a mother-child tower, I am in favor of the Region’s decision, but in this project there is a mistake: obstetrics and gynecology are inseparable. Only gynecology oncology should go to the Park”.


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