“Park and swimming pool open by May”

The work at La Spianà takes place “without a break”. the Platys Center “Take shape. And on the schedule “you can see the first opening”. This was announced by the Municipality of Verona in a note stating that “the property guarantees that the park, the lagoon swimming pool and the outdoor sports fields will be ready by the end of May, which can be used throughout the summer. “. While in mid-September “the inauguration of the entire interior part is fixed, including the lounge bar and the pagoda for yoga and pilates”. It is what Palazzo Barbieri describes as “a great green lung, four kilometers from Piazza Bra, ready to rise over an area of ​​50 thousand square meters”. And again: “A real sports and aggregative facility which will be affiliated with the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, with concessions for all the inhabitants. And with the Municipality of Verona for the use of certain spaces for the benefit of local associations”. In addition, the area “will be connected to the center by electric shuttles and a cycle path that will reach Porta Vescovo”.

Platys Center Verona March 2022

The Platys Center occupies the former sports area of ​​Glaxo employees, at the end of via Albere, where the Spianà begins. There will be three five-a-side football pitches, four enclosed beach volleyball courts with heated sand, four covered and air-conditioned padel courts, a lounge bistro, parking, a pagoda for yoga and pilates, a lagoon swimming pool and a smaller. for children, a theater arena for summer shows. In addition to a large green area.

The municipality of Verona reports that this is “an investment of 8 million euros for the first sustainable sports center in Italy certified by Sites by Green Business Certification Inc”. A “new generation and zero impact” work that “will work with solar panels”. There will also be “an orchard and botanical gardens for school visits and for the cultivation of zero kilometer products then cooked by the Platys restaurant, cisterns to collect rainwater, columns to recharge electric vehicles”. This morning the mayor Federico Sboarina, accompanied by Stefano Magrini and Filippo Ghezzer, partners of the Bio Campus Sporting Srl owner of the area, visited the site, where workers are working to complete the structure of the lagoon pool. Also present were the president of the planning commission Matteo De Marzi and the vice-president of Amia Alberto Padovani.

Platys Center - Verona - Spianà-2

Platys Rendering Center – Verona – Spianà

“Sport, urban regeneration and sustainability are the future of this neighborhood – said the mayor Sboarina -. Here there was already a sports club but private, therefore closed to citizenship. Now, however, it will become available to everyone. It is already a great success. The first of a long series, because the abandoned area will be completely redeveloped, the most populated neighborhoods will thus have a new green lung and equipment for sports and social activities, everything that has been missing in recent years. We are witnessing the growth of the future of the city, a work that is the fruit of the synergy between the public and the private sector, which will improve the quality of life of the people of Verona”.

“An important investment both from an economic point of view but also for the growth of the city – he added Magrini -. The redevelopment is already underway and we plan to open the entire exterior part in a few months. Important concessions are planned for the inhabitants of the neighboring districts, an opportunity to be seized to take advantage of all the spaces of the Platys Center at advantageous rates, the first installation in Italy certified for excellence in sustainable performance”.

“Environmental sustainability is one of the drivers of this work – he concluded Ghezzer -. A commitment on our part and an added value for the project and the territory of the city. All the energy will be produced by photovoltaic panels and the irrigation will be done thanks to the recovery of rainwater. We are also preparing agreements with schools so that children can visit our botanical gardens and thus be able to get closer to the earth and rediscover its beauty”.

Platys Center - Verona - Spianà - Sboarina-2

Platys Center – Verona – Spianà – March 2022


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