Pavullo. The Casa della Salute arrives but the neighborhood protests

Fears about the traffic that will be created in a residential area The mayor: “Too little time there were no other options” Here gathered the general practitioners

Pavullo. The Casa della Salute, or rather the Community House, which will be built in the area of ​​the old soccer field via Coppi, in Serra di Porto, will represent a bit of a sanitary revolution for Pavullo.

The 2.5 million project (Pnrr fund) was presented in its feasibility study on Tuesday evening at the Virtus restaurant and contains many new features. The first is that there, in the new clinics, the ten general practitioners active in Pavullo will be able to find a single accommodation, giving rise to “community medicine”: “They will be able to have a single secretariat – explained the director of the district Carlo Serantoni – and to start a collaboration that will improve the service to users, starting from that on timetables, so that a patient, when there is none, can turn to another. the realities will now be transferred to the Campanella: medical care, home care and addiction service, plus that of helpers (now in the hospital).But we also plan to set up a telemedicine center here , as well as transferring social services to the second floor, thus creating a social and health center (hence “Casa della Comunità”) modeled on that of Fanano.

The specialized clinics present in the hospital will not be moved, which must remain there for two reasons: the specialist must remain in support of the emergency room and the diagnostic equipment must remain in the hospital. “There was an intense discussion with the Ausl on what to insert – underlined the mayor Davide Venturelli – and we managed to transfer the services without impoverishing the hospital. The structure will also be a permanent presence in a problematic area”.

All well? In reality, the representatives of the district who spoke on Tuesday evening expressed perplexity and fears, not about the project itself but about its location and the effects of the road network via Coppi and via Stefani, with a broad emphasis : “The Serra di Porto district is the most populated, thus creating a new concentration in an already busy area. And with the Casa del Volontariato construction site nearby, it will be chaos”. “The car parks here are already full, where are the users of the structure going to stop?” “But couldn’t you have made the Casa della Salute with that of the Voluntary Service?”. “So it’s recemented, and we remove a piece of land that it’s not true that the boys no longer use: today I counted ten”. “It’s wrong to bring a health service into a residential area.” These are the main positions: there has been some turmoil.

Venturelli pointed out that the first agreement for the acquisition of the parish land (of October 1) came from the previous council, and that he found himself having to find a location for the structure in the municipal area in a very short time. time, in February 28. , so as not to lose funds from the Pnrr. “If we had had more time, other options could have been evaluated – he said – in any case we are going to create new car parks and study the viability well: I wanted this comparison with the neighborhood on purpose to bring the necessary corrections to the final project”.

Punctuation of the former deputy mayor Daniele Iseppi: “The Biolchini junta had signed a preliminary agreement, not a sale, with the parish thinking of the start of the expansion of the sports facilities of the Serra di Porto, since there was no no mention of Casa della Salut at the time. The idea of ​​placing it there belongs only to Venturelli: to take responsibility for it”.


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