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BAGNOLESE (3-5-2): Corradi; Rustichelli, Bertozzini, Cocconi; Cortesi, Marani, Buffagni, Guerra (20′ st Davide Calabretti), Bocchialini (47′ st Bonacini); Leonardi (32′ Tvzetkov), Micheal (25′ Mhadhbi). Available Cavallini, Gareri, Riccelli, Operato, Capiluppi. Beretti herds.

FORLI’ (3-4-3): Ravaioli; Pieces, Longo (22′ st Longobardi), Capitanio (6′ pt Giacobbi); Piva (14′ st Gkertsos), Scalini (31′ st Buonocunto), Erik Ballardini, Malandrino; Rrapaj (40’st Borrelli), Pera, Manara. Available Stella, Pascucci, Nisi, Amaducci. Graffiedi herds.

Referee: Colanino di Nola.

Goals: 10′ from Leonardi, 48′ from Tvzetkov.

Notes – Approximately 180 spectators. Reserved: Micheal, Manara, Buffagni, Guerra, Pezzi, Mhadhbi and Lombards. Sent off in the 29th minute for violent play. Corners 2 to 3, replays 4′ + 4′.

by Claudio Lavaggi

Too bad for Forlì, who slipped his third defeat in a row and returned to the danger zone. Well, very well the Bagnolais, who celebrates the return to victory after six rounds of abstinence and three consecutive defeats without scoring a single goal. Against Forlì, on the other hand, the 2-0 success is totally deserved and also coincides with the first victory of coach Paolo Beretti at the helm of the Reggio Emilia team.

A game uphill for the Romagna players: the first half opened with none other than the injury of defender Capitanio, already 2′ away, hit in the head by his outgoing goalkeeper and with Graffiedi therefore forced to perform the first change. The visiting team couldn’t find a way to be dangerous and the hosts took heart: at 20′ Micheal spun off the edge, then at 36′ Marani squandered from an excellent position. The first half is basically everything here.

Returning from half-time, the players of Romagna seem more determined and therefore at 6′ the formidable striker Pera could give the advantage to his team, but has just withdrawn an assist from Rrapaj. And just at this moment of the match, at 10 ‘, the Bagnolais escapes: Leonardi recovers the ball from the right, crosses and beats the young Ravaioli from about twenty meters with a big left at the edge of the post, ball to the top. where the doorman just can’t get to.

Forlì absorbs the blow and tries to react. At 27′ the diagonal launched by Rrapaj still ends slightly. Then the episode which essentially closes the match: at 29′ Pera hits Davide Calabretti and is obviously sent off. At that moment, Forlì, outnumbered and without his spearhead, swerves. The Bagnolais is therefore back: in the 35th minute two chances for Tzvetkov and Cocconi countered by the defenders, while in the 41st minute Bocchialini puts the crossbar high. At 48′, on a personal action from the right, Tzvetkov concentrates and shoots hard under the right crossbar which Ravaioli cannot reach.

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