Perugia resumes training for Crotone. And it is immediately of great intensity

Massimiliano Alvini immediately raises the antennas. It’s only the first training session of the week as the whole group enjoyed a rest day yesterday, but the intensity imposed on his boys by Fucecchio’s coach was immediately very high. Crotone, Perugia’s next opponent, is entangled in the lower rankings but can boast some great players in the team and will need the utmost attention to deal with it. The reds and whites, on the other hand, if they really want to compete for a place in the playoffs, will have to prove that they have overcome the moment of tarnishing also due to the many close matches suffered.

A MIX OF TACTICS AND ATHLETICS – The players and the technical staff therefore met this morning around 11 a.m. at Paolo Rossi’s to dispute, in a typical spring climate (which will however have the weather on hand), an open house session. As often at the beginning of the week, the athletic part alternates with the tactical technique: we insisted in particular on building the action from the defense and Alvini often stopped the game in the event of an error and to call his boys to greater concentration. . . Beyond that, a large part of the team is in good health and this can only be an encouraging element for this delicate final rush.

THE MOSAIC STARTS TO (RE)COMPOSE – The infirmary continues to empty: already during training last Sunday he returned to the group Simone Santorotoday it was the turn of Alexandre Rosi. It looked like, following the Alexandria incident, his season could be jeopardized, but luckily that’s not the case. The Griffins will therefore have a valuable alternative in defense (and also in midfield) given that there are still doubts Marcos Curado, which he realized differentiated for a small muscular problem, the conditions of which will be evaluated in the next few hours. The Argentine could return to training with his teammates on Thursday. Tomorrow, however, it should return to full capacity Cristian Dell’Orcohim too apart, when he risks not getting out of it Gabrielle Ferrarini, who is struggling to shake off the sprained ankle that kept him in the pits for days. Two recoveries (Rosi and Santoro) and two players in doubt (Curado and Ferrarini): such is the outcome of this working Monday.

EARLY START – Crotone is not easy to reach in a short time and here the departure for Calabria will probably take place on the Friday and not the Saturday before. The finishing will therefore be carried out on site. For tomorrow, however, a “double” is expected.

THE SCIDA WILL BE PLAYED – The regular dispute of the match next Sunday at 3:30 p.m. does not seem to be in question. Between staff and players there were ten positive points, this afternoon, the day of filming, new samples will be taken. We remind you that 35% of the workforce must be infected for a postponement to be requested.


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