Pisano Foundries, table convened at the Municipality. The Health and Life Committee: “They excluded us”

An in-depth technical table on the Pisano Foundries is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12, at 10 a.m., in the Giunta room of the Palazzo di Città. Will be present: the President of the Environment Commission Arturo Iannellienvironmental policy advisor Massimiliano NatellaArpac with the provincial directorate, the legal office, the Campania region with the environmental office, the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Mezzogiorno which supervised the Spes study and, for the minority, the group leader of the Movement 5 stars Lambiase Castlein collaboration with elected municipal officials and the mayor Vincenzo Napoli. Excluded from the table the representatives of the “Health and Life” committee which has been calling for the closure of the Pisano Foundries for years.

The committee’s complaint:

We are surprised that the Municipality of Salerno has only officially acquired the data contained in the Spes study in recent days, given that the final report of the aforementioned study has come into the possession of the “Health and Life” association. on April 8, 2021 and one year earlier. , on May 15, 2020, the president of the Campania region Vincenzo De Luca said that his “feeling was that the foundry should not be reopened”, because he was waiting for the results of Studio Spes (when in reality they were between his hands as early as January of that year). Likewise, we remind you that in March 2021, a few months before the administrative elections in Salerno, Mayor Vincenzo Napoli stood at the offices of the Campania Region of Salerno, alongside Fulvio Bonavitacola, Vice President of the Campania Region and Regional Councilor for the Environment, in the presence of the CEO of the foundries, Ciro Pisano, what the facts have shown as a real campaign farce on our dead. In fact, they said that within six months the Buccino factory would have the necessary permits and within two years the engines would start. A speculation equal to that of Governor Vincenzo De Luca a year earlier, on the occasion of his regional electoral campaign, given that the Regional Council of Campania, General Directorate – Technical Administrative Staff Environmental Assessments, last December 29, communicated that “no procedures are currently underway aimed at obtaining the release of the Single Regional Authorization Provision for this industrial activity. That is to say that from the beginning of March 2021 to December 29 of the same year, nothing had been done and these six months “at most”, which should have been used to obtain the necessary authorizations, had never started”.

Critics for not calling:

We also point out that a regional technical table for the environmental monitoring of the Irno valley already exists: it was strongly desired by the “Health and Life” committee and during the first session, which was held on 29 September 2014 in Salerno, a series of interventions were outlined; Unfortunately, the hope that this technical table could give life to a democratic way with the citizens at the center as an active party on health and environment issues, was quickly disappointed, because it was convened a few times, then in fact concealed without revoking the regional resolution which had instituted it. But what disconcerts us the most is to learn that at this new technical table, there is the specific desire not to have the members of the “Health and Life” commission sit. Considering that the impetus for the whole affair has always been given by resident citizens who have been fighting for decades against air pollution in the Irno Valley and that the documentation produced so far is entirely the work of the association “Salute e Vita”, not to include representatives of popular committees, we find it incomprehensible and we read it as a clear message not to want to create a democratic confrontation and to face the issue with determination. All the alarming reports of recent years, both epidemiological and those of experts appointed by the Court, which show the causal link, as well as the judgments of the TAR which have mentioned the mention “fatal” (i.e. say fatal) due to the non-application of nine BAT (“Best Available Technologies”, i.e. the best technologies capable of guaranteeing low levels of polluting emissions) within the Pisano Foundries, criminal proceedings and many others have emerged thanks to the protests of citizens. The Spes study itself remained public thanks to two appeals by the TAR because it had been concealed and the responsibilities are numerous, from the most purely political to those of the ASL, ARPAC and the Instances which have often shown their incapacity and, above all, have always acted at the request of the citizens and never independently. We therefore officially request that the representatives of the citizens and the technicians of the commissions, who have made a fundamental contribution to all the investigations, be summoned and participate in them . A technical chart is not created if one excludes the only active actors who contributed to arriving at pieces of truth. Preventing the “Santé et Vie” association from participating in this table means taking away from it a monitoring role and an active information role, because we remind you that the authorities in charge have shown their inefficiency and ineffectiveness over the years. years and must be stimulated if we are to create a democratic path that leads to certain results. If we have a procedure in progress which, we hope, will lead to accusations of ecological disaster, it is because we have made the findings, even if serious verifications have arrived years late. So let’s use common sense and ask to be included, if you don’t want to keep wasting time. Although the request for relocation since 2006 has always been the same and in fact always the same, so successful has the municipal administration of Salerno been in recent years (we remind you that the Fratte factory has been defined as “obsolete and absolutely incompatible with the urban context in which it is inserted “in the municipal urban plan, approved in 2006, a definition later recalled also by the public prosecutor in the request for seizure of 2011, within the framework of one of the many procedures judicial proceedings against the Pisano family) and that it is unthinkable that of the thirty-two municipal councilors elected to the last administrative offices of Salerno, with the exception of Elisabetta Barone, Catello Lambiase and Claudia Pecoraro, there is no one who faces to this very serious situation of environmental disaster and to take a stand, to all, including therefore the members of the Committee on the Environment and the adviser for environmental policies mental Massimiliano Natella who we read will participate in the technical table, thanks to cloud technology, with the following links uploaded to Dropbox.com, we invite them to consult an exhaustive part of the documentation on this long-standing story, in asking them to inform themselves and express themselves. Recalling at the same time, Mayor Vincenzo Napoli and his predecessor, Vincenzo De Luca, both already sufficiently informed on the issue in question and well aware that the mayor of a municipality is the first responsible for the health of its citizens, who for years, the main precautionary measures would have already been enough to request a contingent and urgent order to close a factory which, for decades, has been a source of very serious pollution to the detriment of the environment and human health, such as the have repeatedly stated public bodies in charge of the law.


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