Pistoia, the Masotti gymnasium reopens. Mayor Tomasi: ”you can play sports with dignity”

PISTOIA – Students and sports associations can return to the Masotti gymnasium. Thanks to the refurbishment and security work on the building, at a total cost of 230 thousand euros (including 90 thousand carried out by the Caript Foundation with the New Building Sites 2020 call), the gymnasium will also be accessible to people with disabilities thanks to the removal of architectural barriers.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused – says the mayor Alessandro Tomasi during the inauguration this morning – but they were necessary: ​​here you can practice sport with dignity”.

Concretely, the interventions focused on the reorganization of the locker rooms with the adaptation to the Coni regulations and the creation of a mixed room for use as an infirmary and an office. The flooring and coverings have also been revamped. The electrical system is also new, with the provision of security lights and outdoor campino lighting. Finally, a fire detection system and emergency exits complete the intervention plan. Interventions, the latter, which made it possible to present the Scia.

The inauguration of the Masotti gymnasium

“We are happy to have contributed to the redevelopment of the gymnasium – says the president of the Caript Foundation, Lorenzo Zoghéri. It is indeed in our interest to provide the city with meeting places capable of improving the quality of life. Especially now that socializing opportunities have long been lacking due to the pandemic.”

The inauguration of the gymnasium is also an opportunity to take stock of the systems. “The main interventions were made on indoor plants because they were the most problematic,” said Mayor Tomasi. And the list he draws up is substantial: “the Marini gymnasium, the two skating balls, the building, the stadium and the schoolyard”. The satisfaction expressed by the mayor is also broad: “with the works carried out – he says – we see the result of an activity that has made it possible to restore safe and accessible systems to the city”.

The mayor also discovers the maps for possible future projects, declaring priority interventions on stadiums and the construction of a sports facility in the Pallavicini district. “Here – he says – we are working on a multipurpose facility for 1,500 people”. Then there is the question of Pistoia north “the Administration – he explains in this regard – took charge of the project, entrusting it to a consultant and then calling for tenders”.

“At the moment – Tomasi anticipates – we are working to participate in European funding related to sport”. (rb)

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