Pizza is (also) the most popular dish on social media, have you ever wondered why?

You had doubts that Pizza was (also) the most famous dish on the Internet? And indeed yes, it is: it tops a ranking of the great classics, followed by ice cream, sushi, then mango, orange, cookies, pasta, cheese, pancakes and burgers. Here is the top ten, the list of the most Instagrammed foods, the most viewed on TikTok and at the same time the most searched on Google. He made it known lens shoponline contact lens store, after cross-referencing the data relating to a selection of 100 foods considered among the most popular, to understand how far our mania for posting (and searching) with the hashtag goes #foodporn.

They went out impressive numbers. For example, always stay on the pizza, has over 59 million hashtags on Instagram, 22 billion views on TikTok and monthly Google search volume averages 13.6 million searches worldwide and 450 thousand in Italy. Crazy numbers for too ice cream and sushii: respectively, 43.9 million hashtags on Instagram and 28 billion views on TikTok and 7.5 billion views on TikTok and 32.1 million hashtags on Instagram.

Least favorite foods

Instead, he has “only” 588,000 hashtags on Instagram the lamb which is also the least searched on Google (finally for ethical reasons, we hope!) and for this reason it is at the top of the ranking “Counter-classification” of less popular foodsthe. It’s a little less bad instead grilled chicken (1.1 million hashtags on Instagram and 116 million views on TikTok) followed by Applesauce (290,000 hashtags on Instagram and 815 million views on TikTok).

The foods of the future

And that’s not all, because Lensstore has also tried to predict the future by drawing up a third ranking, relating to most popular foods on the Internet in 2025 in Italy and in the world. Yes the Pizza is still at the top, followed by sushi and mango on the Italian list and mango and sushi (i.e. the second and third positions reversed) on the world list.

Because we like to watch food on the internet

Apart from the classics, which are curious but allow time for them to find, why the hell take pictures of food, and look at pictures of food, a kind of obsession? Abigail Cockroft, of Giles Christopher Photography, interviewed by Lensstore, tried to give an answer. “For years we have been exposed to images of food in our daily routines, featured on restaurant menus, cookbooks, advertisements and more. But nothing has ever had the same impact on us as the #foodporn phenomenon on social media.. Now we are exposed to ever new and challenging images, and photographs taken from different angles, and with different subjects and focus,” the photographer explained. “With the advent of the internet and social media, food bloggers around the world have started posting their shots without restriction. It’s this more spontaneous and authentic approach that has changed the way people photograph food. Suddenly this type of shots became more and more popular and in demand, as it was shown a less formal and more “social” way to showcase food and drink onlinealluding to the fact that anyone can cook and enjoy food,” he continued.

It’s all about pleasure, that mouth watering that gives you a great photograph. In this regard, the food writer Laura Hadlandfrom, commented: “Science has shown that looking at pictures of food makes us feel satisfied, or at least to some degree. It’s the same phenomenon that occurs when you order dessert, and the desire is satisfied from the first bite, at which point we are already satisfied since our brain has processed the desire. Moreover, it has also been shown that Taking pictures of your own dishes helps make food more enjoyable and tasty: by creating a ritual around the experience of food, you eat in a more present and conscious way”.

Have you wondered why the pictures are always so appetizing? “When it comes to visual marketing, it takes seconds to capture or lose users’ attention, which is why colorful and detailed images win,” he continued. Abigail Cockroft. “When it comes to photographing food, the images that tend to have the most success are those focused on the object of desire, which highlight runny sauces or stringy cheeses, elements that are definitely mouth watering!‘”.


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