Pnrr, 700 million for sport on the way (but not everyone is happy)

The world of sport will also be able to benefit from funds from the NRR, the national recovery and resilience plan: this is 700 million euros to finance “interventions aimed at promoting the recovery of urban areas through the construction and regeneration of sports spaces”. facilities”. The Government Sports Department, headed by Michele Sciscioli, invited the municipalities to present the “expressions of interest”: we must hurry because the works must be concluded by January 31, 2026 and we know that in Italy the bureaucracy does not help (see the Milan Games -Cortina). As mentioned, the Pnrr for sport provides 700 million, 300 others will arrive from Sport and the Suburbs to renovate and secure 400 school gymnasiums (but in this case it will be National Education and not the Sports Department that will take care of it ) .

The Pnrr in front of sport provides for three poles: the first and the second concern the construction (350 million) and the rehabilitation (188 million) of sports equipment. The third, on the other hand, of 162 million, is intended for projects “in which there is the sporting-competitive interest of at least one sports federation”. Given the figures distributed, it will not be possible to build new stadiums, okay, but many Federations will be able to get their hands on their Ctf, federal technical centers, or they will build, or modernize, Palazzetti which we really need. Some sports federations have complained of having only one choice available (others, even large ones, have waived these funds). The Undersecretary Valentina Vezzali she immediately replied to the presidents with a two-page precision letter: “The Federations – explained the former champion – will be associated with the implementation of the interventions of the Pnrr”. The Federations, it is further explained, “will have to propose the initiative to the Commune on whose territory the object of interest is present or on whose territory the new public plant is to be built…”.

But a knot remains. Indeed, Vezzali reminded the presidents “of the need to limit the expression of interest on the part of each Federation to a single intervention”. This could create problems for some presidents who would be forced to displease some municipalities, but could have 4 million for their federal technical center. Not a bit. Among those who are not satisfied with the project is Italia Viva. “The government assumes a clear commitment in favor of the 600 municipalities excluded from the criteria for awarding the Pnrr Sport and Social Inclusion Appeal”. He claimed it Daniela Sbrollinisenator and head of Sport of Italia Viva. “For small municipalities, the NRR is a unique opportunity to get their hands on sports facilities and strengthen the practice of mass sport, to promote inclusion and social integration, especially in the most and with attention to We must reconsider as quickly as possible a single candidacy for a Commune – a National Federation in order not to exclude many small and medium-sized realities from a unique opportunity to restore oxygen to sports facilities but also to young sportsmen and to sports associations”, concludes the senator.

Small municipalities could find space in the future thanks to funds from the “Sports and Peripheries” Plan. Even the promotional organizations have complained but compared to the Federations they do not have sports infrastructures like the ctf (federal technical centers). The important thing is that the funds really arrive for plant engineering, one of the chronic problems of Italian sport. And he’s right Vito Cozzoli, CEO of Sport and Health, when he argues that the PNRR must be “the Marshall plan for sport, an opportunity for revival, new equipment, sustainability”. Now to work.

Sport and Health, former Minister Bussetti joins the board of directors?

Changing of the guard on the Board of Directors of Sport and Health: the mandates of Professor Landi, geriatrician of the Gemelli in Rome who has become very popular in recent years, and of Dr Cassarà have expired. The former education minister is expected to arrive in place of Landi Marco Bussetti, 59, basketball fan, appointed by current minister Bianchi. Bussetti, independent of the Lega area, is very close to Minister Giorgetti. It seems that there is some displeasure from the 5 Stars who had chosen Landi. In addition, the Minister of Health, Speranza, will appoint the other member of the board of directors (outgoing Cassarà): based on the pink quotas, she must necessarily be a woman, almost certainly a professor, a researcher. Finally, the third member of the board of directors is the representative of CONI who intervenes on the occasion of the distribution of State contributions. Carlo Mornati, of course, it will be confirmed by Malagò. In the meantime, an additional 80 million, unexpected, to be distributed to sports federations and DSAs are on the way. The CEO of Sport and Health, lawyer Vito Cozzoli, will remain in office until spring 2023.


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