Pnrr for sport, the council is working on a floor for the gymnastics and sports campus

Back on the table Junta of Busto Arsizio the question of Beata Giuliana sports campus, where today the skeleton of the never-completed ice rink continues to look bad. Just yesterday, the issue came up in a meeting between the sports adviser Maurizio Artusa and the mayor Emmanuelle Antonelli who is also in charge of the public works structure.

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The skeleton of the palaghiccio 4 out of 10

After the failure of the last financing project of 40 million euros, presented by a consortium of individuals in the spring of 2021, a cloak of uncertainty had fallen on the green space near the Simplon. Now the hope is to bring the plan, which provides for at least three sports facilities in the same area, into works that can be financed with European funds from the recovery plan.

The starting point is gymnastics, a job promised by the mayor since the beginning of his first mandate to give a home to the glorious sports club Pro Patria Gymnastics, in great difficulty in its current location. This work is also the only one, at present, financed with the money made available by the Province about fifteen years ago by the then president, Marco Reguzzoni.

Everything else is to be decided. The commissioner wants to understand if there are margins for recovery for the structure of the rink, which has been increasingly deteriorated by time and bad weather. On February 8, for example, the violent wind that blew through the area damaged part of the roof, which then remained curled up on itself. And here the NRR for sport comes into play.

As part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, there is a special mission called “Sports and social integration” and aims to increase social inclusion and integration through the construction or regeneration of sports facilities that promote the recovery of urban areas. In particular, for this purpose, three areas of intervention have been identified, divided into two public notices of calls for expressions of interest.

The first opinion, relating to Group 1 and 2, is intended for municipalities in provincial capitals, municipalities in provincial capitals with more than 20,000 inhabitants and municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, for the construction or rehabilitation of one of the types of facilities following sports: indoor multi-purpose hall, Cittadella dello sport or swimming facility.

The second opinion, relating to Group 3, on the other hand, is aimed at all Italian municipalities and is aimed at the construction of new facilities or the regeneration of existing facilities that are of interest to sports federations. Indeed, the involvement of the Federations will make it possible to increase the effectiveness of initiatives to promote sporting culture and participation in sport, guaranteeing the same visibility for all disciplines.

The time to decide is short but a decision should be made in a few days. The offices of the Municipality of Busto Arsizio, in fact, are already under pressure ground myself 100 million investments attracted for urban regeneration and for the recovery of the northern area.

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