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Of Elena Meli

Over the past two years, the increase in time spent between the kitchen and the living room has deteriorated the air. Here’s how to fix it. It is discussed in the Corriere Salute on newsstands Thursday, March 7

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The air is bad in my house. For two years, due to the pandemic, domestic rooms have occasionally become offices, schools, meeting rooms and we have spent even more time than usual between kitchen and living room, sharing often confined spaces with family members. The result that thethe air has become heavy: if before the pandemic indoor pollution was a major problem for premises and offices, today especially the atmosphere in our apartments is particularly unbreathable. This is highlighted by research from Texas A&M University for which parameters such as fine particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were measured in the homes and offices of some volunteers in the spring of 2019: the analyzes were repeated between June and September 2020, in full pandemic, and show how the domestic air has deteriorated considerably and today it is dirtier than that of the offices. Fine particles, for example, were higher than the limits set for work environments and as a result symptoms such as itchy and dry eyes, dry or irritated skin and stuffy nose were reported more frequently during the period of working from home only in months. Covid has passed in the office. a pilot survey, therefore on a few people and with preliminary data, but most likely that it reflects a real situation because, as pointed out Alessandro Mianipresident of the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (Sima), unlike the office, home cooks and in general the use of cleaning products is more abundant.

The only harmful element in office air is the greater presence of photocopiers and printers emitting ozone, toner powders, VOCs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; however, many also have these tools in their own apartment. Moreover, even before the pandemic, we spent 70-90% of our time indoors, where the concentration of pollutants is estimated to be five times higher than in open spaces: now, the time spent indoors has increased and these hours have passed between four walls. most of the time, we spend them directly at home. This is why the quality of domestic air is decisive for health.

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