Pontedera: with the blitz in Braglia, he has a chance to play in the playoffs – Sport – Other sports

by Giuseppe Marotta

The outcome of the duel between Reggiana and Modena for Serie B will also depend on Teramo and Pontedera, their respective opponents.

To hope to move up to Serie B, Cigarini and his teammates must win in Teramo and at the same time the same match between Modena and Pontedera will suffice, thanks to the better goal difference in favor of Granada.

How are the two teams put on the table? Let’s start with the focus on Pontedera, starting with certainties: the Tuscans have 43 points and are mathematically safe. He can still claim a place in the playoffs. However, different combinations are needed. The main thing is that Pontedera should beat Modena: it would rise to 46 points. As from Lucca they are all certain of the playoffs, the last two playoff positions are at stake: ninth and tenth. They are currently occupied by Carrarese (45) and Vis Pesaro (45). Next: Siena, Olbia, Pontedera all at 43 points, Montevarchi and Teramo at 42. Pontedera, as already mentioned, must win in the meantime by going to 46. There are many crossings to assess. The criteria, in the event of a tie on points, are as follows: points in direct matches, goal difference in these clashes, goal difference between the teams concerned, goal difference in the entire championship. The situation of Pontedera: with Carrarese they have clashes against, with Vis Pesaro they have a better goal difference (+3), with Siena they have a much worse goal difference and with Olbia they have direct clashes against. Only with the Vis, so it would have s.besten. He must therefore win and hope to find himself in tenth place like Vis Pesaro (which must therefore at most equalize at home with Ancona), Siena and Olbia not winning. To clarify: Pontedera qualify for the playoffs if they end up in tenth place hand in hand with Vis, or if Carrarese lose (at home with Viterbese) and if they win with Modena, Pontedera would win. In this case, however, all the others (Vis, Siena, Olbia) should remain under Pontedera, without winning their own races. In the case of four or five teams tied on points, there would be a thousand passages to the detached classification: an even more distant hypothesis. Then there are the statistics: Pontedera have not won for eight rounds (last victory against Cesena on February 27). In the last eight away matches, however, he has only lost in Reggio and Chiavari.

Let’s go to Teramo. He has 42 points, he is already safe and sound. In the environment, there is no talk of playoff possibilities, which are really very, very minimal. Teramo would qualify for the playoffs only if he managed to impose himself and climb to tenth position like Vis, with whom he has the clashes in his favor. While Pontedera, Olbia and Siena don’t have to win (and if they even came with Carrarese they would have the worst for direct clashes). In short: on paper, Pontedera has a lot more stimuli.

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