Porto d’Ascoli, what a Bogliari show: “Three golden points”

port of ascoli




(4-3-3): Finori 6.5; Petrini 7, Sensi 6.5 (46’st Aliffi sv), Passalacqua 6.5, Pasqualini 6.5; Evangelisti 7, D’Alessandro 7 (28’st Clerici 7), Rossi 6.5; Verdesi 7, Spain 7.5, Battista 6.5 (42’st Pietropaolo sv). Available Testa, Marini, Massi, Dondoni, Sabatini. All Ciampelli 7.5.

NERETO (4-3-3): Palermo 6.5; Falzetta 6, Salvatori 6.5, Ferrini 6, Santangelo 6 (37’st Monaco sv); Cipriani 5.5 (1st Natella 6), Reymond 6, Malfetta 6 (16′ Kuqi 6); Boito 6.5, Pedalino 6, Torromino 5.5 (1’st Antonelli 6). Available Diglio, Marconi, Montano, Balducci, Maione. Attention Del Grosso 6.

Referee: Fantozzi from Civitavecchia 5.

Goals: 12′ st and 27′ st Spain, 32′ st Clerici, 37′ st rig Boito.

To note. About 100 spectators; yellow cards: Reymond, Santangelo; corners: 4-4; recovery: 1′ + 4′.

Porto d’Ascoli wins three gold points against Nereto and climbs to forty-two points in the classics, getting closer and closer to the level of safety, which still seems to be climbing higher and higher at the end of each day. In the first half, Nereto put the hosts in trouble, but in the second half, a more determined Porto d’Ascoli entered the field. In fact, the goals all come in the second half of the game. At 57′ the result came out thanks to a breakthrough action from Verdesi who landed in the area, continued and Spain rushed into the loose ball and returned the advantage inside. The double comes in the 72nd minute: free kick from the edge kicked by Evangelisti, Spain escapes from the counterattacks and finds a perfect diagonal which still exceeds Palermo. At 2-0, things became simpler and easier for the residents and in the 77′ they found the trio with Clerici, who had just entered the field, after an astonishing action by Battista who took a host half-defense walking. At 82′ the referee grants a very dubious penalty to the guests for an alleged fault by Passalacqua on Boito that the same number ten realizes.

These three points, which are a nice gift for the club and the supporters to put in the Easter egg, allow the team to prepare with more serenity for the recovery against Pineto scheduled for Wednesday, April 20. The second coach Riccardo Bogliari heaves a sigh of relief thanks to this victory: “Three golden points considering the results of the other fields – declared the coach at the end of the match -. Nereto in the first half put us in trouble. contracted a little, then in the second half by unlocking the game we were able to find different passageways and therefore we made less lucid efforts, because perhaps in the first half we paid too much to be contracted and we went more after the result rather than the things that needed to be done”.

Lara Fachini

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