“Powerful Unnatural Heart Attack”. He’s yellow on Putin’s hawk health

Do you remember the story of the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, disappeared from public life for a few weeks and then “reappeared” as nothing but with the publication of an (undated) photo by the Kremlin? Well, according to Leonid Nevzelin, a Russian-Israeli businessman and former oil tycoon, Putin’s minister had “a massive heart attack” that “this could not have happened due to natural causes“, suggesting that the longtime ally of the Tsar may have been the subject of an assassination attempt by his own president.

Attempted murder?

The hypothesis is reported by the English newspaper daily mail, who says that Shoigu was last seen yesterday during a videoconference with Putin and other ministers on the development of the Arctic but without speaking or intervening: the hypothesis that is circulating is that the Kremlin is using images of Shoigu recorded before his withdrawal from public appearances a few weeks ago. The heart attack would have left so many scars that Shoigu, 66, could now undergo therapy intensive. Citing Moscow sources, Nevzlin said the minister would be “out of play and can be disabled if survived“. According to the tycoon, then, 20 Russian generals were arrested in Russia and charged with embezzlement of up to $10 billion allocated for the war effort in Ukraine.

Tensions with Putin

Shoigu, who was Putin’s right-hand man and head of Russia’s military for a decade, was a mainstay in the early weeks of the war in Ukraine but has recently disappeared from regular Kremlin briefings. There had been suspicions of tensions between Putin and Shoigu in late March over the slow pace of the invasion, with US intelligence suggesting the two had parted company when Putin learned of the extent of Russian losses in Ukraine. The The source Among that information is Nevzil, a former oil tycoon and senior oil executive, one of many Russian businessmen forced to flee when they were targeted by the Kremlin in 2003 after Putin decided to take over the Yukos oil company. He was sentenced in absentia to life in prison in 2008 because the Kremlin persecuted top Yukos leaders, and last month announced he would give up his Russian passport, stating that “everything Putin touches dies“.

The history of Shoigu

Shoigu was appointed Russian defense minister in 2012 and has been one of Putin’s closest allies over the past decade. The couple are known to regularly vacation together and are said to have shared a relative Friendship staff outside of their respective functions. As head of the Russian army, Shoigu would probably have been the first person to feel the brunt of the Russian president’s anger when he learned of the army’s lack of success in Ukraine.

heart attack denial

As almost always happens and for any type of news, Russia deny: in fact, the Ministry of Defense has denied the rumors circulated in recent hours in various media about the alleged “heart attack” of the head of the department, Sergej Shoigu, and disseminated by Leonid Nevzlin. According to several Russian analysts, the false information published on Shoigu since the start of the Russian “special military operation” in Ukraine aims to divert public attention from the difficulties facing the armed forces in kyiv. In short, how to reverse (as always) the reality of the facts.

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