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Arezzo, April 14, 2022 – This afternoon the Serie D match in the land of Pro Livorno-Arezzo. Follow our live.


SPRINGS OF LIVORNO (4-3-3): F. Rossi; Horses, Falleni, Costanzo, Seminara; Bachini, Tartaglione, Baracchini; G. Rossi, Casalini, Camarlinghi. Available Bettarini, Samba, Salemmo, Porcellini, Bertini, Stringara, Filippi, Bertelli, Canessa. Shepherd Stefano Brondi.

AREZZO (4-3-3): Colombo; Mastino, Marchi, Van Der Velden, Ruggeri; Benedetti, Pisanu, D. Marras; Cutolo, Persano, Calderini. Available Commisso, Memushi, De Pellegrin, Zona, Giofré, Dema, Sicurella, N. Marras, Doratiotto. Herdsman Marco Mariotti.

Arbitrator: Frosi di Treviglio (Daghetta-Brunetti)

Networks: 7′ pt Baracchini, 22′ pt Persano, 24′ pt Benedetti.

To note: Ruggeri warned. Angles: 2-3. Stops: – Spectators: –

At Armando Picchi, many challenges for Arezzo against Livorno in the all amaranth derby. Against the greens and whites of Pro Livorno Sorgenti, born in 2010 from the merger between Sorgenti and Pro Livorno, is rather the very first challenge in Ardenza.

Biondi, Campaner and Pizzutelli disqualified, Magliocca, Mancino and Lazzarini injured, Frosali and Pinna affected: many absences for Mariotti, who then deployed Marchi in the center of the defense paired with Van Der Velden, while confirming the midfield and the trident in block. attack seen on Sunday, with Cutolo and Calderini on the outside and Persano in the middle. The clubs led by Brondi, last in the standings and worst defense in the group, line up in mirror and rely on Camarlinghi and Giacomo Rossi, the men with greater depth.

In the morning, the sad news of the death of Aldo Fabbriciani, Graziani’s right arm during his presidency from 1993 to 1998. His contribution was decisive for his return to the professionals first and for his return to C1 then, after the magical Pistoia playoffs against the spice. Many remembered him during those hours.

Arezzo on the pitch in a white suit, Pro Livorno in a green suit.


2′ Arezzo immediately arrembante: bowl of Marras in the surface for Calderini, who dodges on the left side tries to serve Benedetti in the axis of the surface, but a defender of Labronico is defeated for a corner. At the next corner, taken aback, Calderini crosses again into the box where Van Der Velden stands out, but goalkeeper Rossi on the line dismisses somehow.

7′ Goal Pro Livorno: Baracchini enters the area and crosses from the right, the diagonal is deflected by Van Der Velden and mocks Colombo. Unlucky Arezzo, who conceded on the first shot on goal, however deflected. 1-0 Pro Livorno.

15 Good cross from Mastino from the right, on the far post Benedetti acts as a header for Cutolo, who alone in the center of the surface sends the ball over the crossbar, still with his head.

22′ AREZZO DRAW! Calderini raises his head from the left and center in the center of the area: everything is easy for Persano, free to lead quietly and beat Rossi. 1-1.

24 ‘AREZZO IN ADVANTAGE! Cavallino deadly restart directly from a corner in favor of the locals. Calderini receives the ball just beyond halfway, flies through the center to the area and serves the rushing Benedetti. The amaranth midfielder just inside the tow box and crosses perfectly with the southpaw, chilling the hosts keeper. 1-2 Arezzo, Benedetti’s first goal since returning to Amarante.

29′ Blessed by the trocar of the left-hander in the surface for Marras, which is the bank for Persano. The attacker finishes the first intention on the spot but his low shot comes out just wide.

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