promote a culture of health”

We receive and publish this programmatic call from the association “To not die-Lucca” addressed to the candidates for mayor of the municipality in view of the administrative elections now to come:

“The mayor is responsible for the state of health of the population of his territory. The municipal council shares this responsibility. The mayors are invested with the powers of planning, control and judgment on the work of the general manager of the ASL.

The way and the world, throughout our health system, already in obvious crisis for reasons of economic resources, defined in the “unlimited” philosophy, but implemented by budgetary controls and controls of inputs and discharges, are today, in our view, undergoing further aggravation, and a palpable and dramatically real turmoil runs through all user-consumer-client citizens who need to use the NHS.

The regional plans, generally drawn up for a period of three years, are carriers of medium-long term planning and, indeed, a framework of institutional, economic, social, conflicting uncertainties and other added interests mean that the health sector, today as ever, it must be monitored and developed in a much shorter time frame than the usual three years.

In fact, the strong economic crisis of our country is reflected in a clear and devastating way on the social world in absolute and, in particular, on that of health, where you can have the possibility of paying tickets, joining private services , health migrations to other regions of Italy for treatment, and much more, determine the best quality of life and, prefigure a way of living well-being in its entirety and in the broadest sense of the word that , in our view, only a small part of citizenship can actually be allowed.

In reality, the denial of social rights to health lies precisely in the elaboration and paradoxically the production of Regional Health Plans and annexed Social Health Integration Plans, without taking into account an obvious change in our society.

The pragmatic way used for several years now is to have an impact in the construction of health policies with little concrete evidence and to be, in fact, very far from the needs of citizens.

In the NHS and under the OSH, many topics converge and contribute to activating it.

Everyone is the bearer, in their own right, of conflicting and contradictory interests.

How can we think that industrialists, real estate developers, accountants, professionals such as engineers, architects, private companies ….. can ever collimate interests with general managers, politicians, parties, pharmaceutical companies, private doctors, holding companies and banking institutions? ???

And finally, we add, how to integrate the health sheets expressed by the Doctors, Nurses and Technicians into all this???

Every day it is evident that this conflict explodes and strikes with more and more violence the citizen who needs medical care and who, in our opinion, although ideologically always remembered as the subject “at the center of the system”, is systematically excluded.

Therefore, the only solution, in the opinion of the associates, for a real change, perhaps gradual and significant, is that of a constant and true comparison and collaboration with the citizens who, too, must participate actively and currently to avoid this, a health problem on the right becomes a “manna from heaven”, an unfairly inaccessible “chimera”.

This is the spirit of the birth of the Association and, at the same time, a competent and constant commitment of concrete contributions to adapt the pragmatic needs of collective health with the Regional Health Plans.

The Association proposes to work with citizens to promote the Culture of Health and spread the concept of Health as a common good, by building it from school.

Elementary: nutrition, play, movement…

Medium: addictions, gambling, sex education…

High school: eating disorders, discrimination/HIV, BLS…

The Association aims to promote solidarity and try to understand with citizens where to find sufficient resources for a correct health service.

The Association wants to be a point of reference, an information office, a kind of “first aid”, first advice for any administrative-sanitary or other practice that every citizen needs.

Some examples of activation of the idea of ​​association;

community projects

Involvement of the different actors (Bodies, Unions, Volunteering World, Institutions, etc.)

Organization of meetings, conferences and debates.

Family responsibilities.

Rights of children and adolescents.

Health policies for young people.

Contrast of the social exclusion of the poor, the different, the marginalized.

Prevention and fight against addictions, and other forms of social hardship.

Policies for the elderly.

Policies for people with disabilities.

Road safety policies.

Occupational safety policies.

Prevention policies for prevalent territorial diseases.


On the basis of what is written, it is clear that the search for health passes through a vast transversality of concepts and contents which cannot be separated from an active, constant and constructive participation of all citizens.

Ways of life, projects, ideas, actions ……. are decisive and qualifying moments that must be sifted through work tables and transparent and loyal dialectical confrontation in the collective interest.

It is the attempt of the Association “…. not to die…”, to identify its action in the concrete of being able to achieve well-being for each citizen “.

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