proof that something is about to happen

Something that, for better or for worse, had been feared for a while because of another great fear that comes straight from Ukraine.

The current scenario it is certainly not the best, we are facing a very complex threat in its precise being. The conflict currently unfolding in Ukraine, certainly it’s not something you would have expected. At a time like this, therefore, close to a pandemic that has not yet completely exhausted its thrust.

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The terrifying thing which triggers a kind of perverse mechanism among citizens, it is the news broadcast on the web but not only, verifiable even in the first person that the rationing in the supermarkets has indeed begun. In short, it’s taking shape this design that perhaps many had already made in their minds considering it very risky and not at all safe for our country the conflict has exploded last February in Ukraine. The rations represent pictures that were somehow foretold several weeks ago.

A few weeks agofollowing the strike threatened by the transporters because of the rise in the price of fuel, a kind of panic broke out among the regulars of the supermarkets. A real attack which somehow tried to thwart the idea that in a few days the shelves would be empty for lack of supplies. Today she somehow came back the same phobia, but for a much trickier reason. Fear that food supplies might run out one way or another.

Rationed food, it’s true: supermarkets have started rationing food

Supermarkets ration food

The first nation adopting this system in view of moments that could appear as more painful was Spain. There, we saw the supermarkets, for example, rationing products for fear of running out. We are talking about products that have seen their prices increase over the months and we are talking about products that represent in any case in most situations basic necessities. The concrete risk, in short, is that of retiring without certain elements as well as success, for example in the confinement phases.

Situations which in part so the citizens have already lived, maybe also for this reason they are not a bit scary. However, in Italy the situation seems to be quite similar with some companies formalizing certain positions for their supermarkets. EurospinMega and Coop.Fi have announced, for example, the possibility of purchasing certain produced only in certain quantities. In short, the dynamic, at least in part, also took place in our country. The risk is indeed very great.

The real risk in short, it is in a way what many offer. The crisis, rising prices, the difficulty of finding certain foods will mean that over time there will be more and more difficulties in supermarkets, especially if this type of situation persists. In short, before us a scenario that is anything but pleasing if things do not change on the Ukrainian front. The Italians, as well as all others European citizens and beyond they clearly hope for an imminent conclusion to the conflict.

A voice not at all reassuring it also comes from Caritas, which expects 11 million Italians with urgent survival problems for the next few months. In short, poverty swallow gradually who first thought they could be safe. In this case, substantial state aid is clearly expected. We are facing a perhaps unprecedented situation, given the context and the general conditions. A critical moment that he also sees the non-total decline of the virus which has terrorized the world for two years now. Difficult times pose significant risks to our daily lives.

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