Protect your health with D’Orta SpA, professionalism always at the customer’s side

What’s more important than our health? However, taking care of it is not always easy and it is necessary to rely on companies specialized in the sector who know the importance of offering personalized services and carried out with all the necessary care to guarantee the utmost professionalism to their customers. clients.

Years of experience and know-how developed over time tell the story of the birth of the D’Orta company. Founded in 1937 by Commendatore Raffaele D’Orta in the port of Naples to offer disinfestation and rat extermination services on ships and merchant ships, the company continued to grow in the 70s thanks to the intuition of Aldo and Bruno D’Orta who decided to transform the company into a manufacturer of PMCs and disinfestation machines.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Commendatore Raffaele D’Orta who gave life to this profession, over the years, proves essential for the protection of people, food products and all the places frequented by people and animals. in order to live in a safe and sanitized environment. From the day of its foundation until today, the three successive generations at the head of D’Orta SpA have carried out the work of rehabilitating the company. Currently led by cousins ​​​​Marco and Raffaele D’Orta who have improved the company over time, expanding the sectors of intervention from public to private to large food and manufacturing industries, the company makes the resolution of the pest control problems accessible to everyone, offering a service capable of satisfying every need at 360°.


The company offers services for:

– Catering sector such as restaurants, pizzerias, kitchens, canteens and laboratories;

– Industrial sector such as mechanical and food industries;

– Public administration for municipal offices and offices;

– Transport sector for trains, buses, metros and boats;

– Health/hospital sector for hospitals, private clinics and medical offices;

– Tourism sector such as hotels, tourist villages, resorts, bed and breakfasts, accommodation and outdoor structures;

– Condominiums and private houses

– Public and private schools

– GDO.

Professional disinfestations for food and agri-food industries and establishments prevent the intrusion of any type of external agent that could compromise the hygiene of food and establishments. Even the continuous monitoring of contamination to protect public health and pest control and the analysis of the entire production chain guarantee that in more than 85 years of activity, D’Orta SpA offers efficient, effective and reliable services. tip for the treatment and prevention of problems related to the “undesirable presence” of insects and parasites. Thanks to a company staff made up of agronomists, chemists, engineers and specialized technicians, concerned about respecting the environment through the use of PMCs and biocides authorized by the Ministry of Health, harmless to the environment. man and pets, it is possible to offer always the most innovative solutions, in full compliance with the regulations in force.

Even in the era of Covid, the disinfection of environments operated by D’Orta SpA technicians allows effective and safe protection against microbes in private and professional environments. Although the pandemic created problems with logistics and commitment of resources during the first wave, in-house production of PMCs and biocides avoided problems with the skills and professionalism of the services offered.

Relying on D’Orta SpA means relying on a historic company in the panorama of pest control, rodent control and environmental sanitation with highly specialized technical personnel with a wealth of accumulated experience in more than 85 years of activity, equipment and technologies that are always new for the customer that helps him to know, through specific training, the daily operations to avoid the appearance of new problems and infestations.


All activity is assisted by a quirky corporate mascot named Camillo. The beautiful combination of crawling insect cockroach antennae, fly wings and rodent face is the synthesis of everything the company aims to “disarm” with its work. Born from an idea of ​​Marco D’Orta and called Camillo to pay tribute to an employee who worked for more than 30 years in the company, the character created is a way to attract people and bring them closer to the world of pest control and environmental remediation. A simple and effective means of communication that also accompanies company vehicles, promotional actions and is an active testimony of social channels.

For more information, visit the official website or the Facebook page.

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