Provincial ordinance on “Tunisian” waste: troublesome. The accusations of the Environment, Health and Territory Coordination | Battipaglia 1929

Press release

The note issued by the provincial administration of Salerno, with which we try to justify or, at least, to give a semblance of logical meaning to the order that the president of the province hastened to issue to authorize the transport and the storage of waste “sent back to sender” from Tunisia in the military zone of Persano, in the heart of the Piana del Sele, must be classified in one word: EMBARRASSING!
Ultimately, what emerges from this note:
1) That the ordinance of the President of the Province would be the epilogue of a path made of “confrontation and dialogue” with the Mayors. Strange! We only read the declarations of the mayors of the area who affirmed that they were in no way involved in the choices and that they never gave their consent to this outrage to an entire territory. It would have been given only communication of the decision taken and that the representative of the Region, during the last meeting, faced with the objections of the representatives of the territory, in full delirium of omnipotence, even gave up annoyed by this resistance. And if the path had been of “confrontation and dialogue” how the main mayors are given legal tasks to challenge the order of the president of the province before the TAR and have announced ordinances for the prohibition of the transit of trucks transporting these containers, full of waste, intended for Persano?
2) that “it is false” to affirm that it is about “imposed choices”. And how to define choices made in secret regional chambers, and precipitated on a territory, without any prior discussion? Thus revealing a conception of the government of public affairs marked by pure arrogance, which does not take into account the vocations of a neighborhood and the protests that ordinary citizens, committees and associations have been carrying out peacefully for weeks!
3) that those who protest against this real act of empire, coming from the Region and implemented by the Province, which “litters” the protocols and commitments made by the regional leaders with almost all the Communes of the Plain, that when the waste crisis bit the back of the institutional managers, they literally saved the Province of Salerno (and not that!), he is a populist. A word thrown there, moreover, with contempt, as if it were a question of a very serious label. If this “accusation” aimed at our coordination, we would be paradoxical, since we have always accompanied the proposal to protest, it is rather the others who should motivate the rejection of our proposals.
4) that nobody knows, even less in the Province, why Persano is chosen for the storage of this waste. Why were the other sites discarded, which were also indicated? Why so much insistence on Persano, in an area already battered by landfills, storage sites and waste treatment plants? in this region ! The famous “fifth article”, the sad degeneration of politics! Who decided Persano? Has the court done it? So why are we talking about the Province, too many ambiguities, too many obscure aspects!
6) that no one is in a position to deny the rumours, reported by the press in recent days, that the “characterization” of the waste could be carried out on the same Persano site (both a new failure to respect the commitments institutions, what do you want me to do?) Or in Battipaglia in the area of ​​the old STIR which would have its technical characteristics to entire communities!
Because then these communities should not make their deep dissent felt, in relation to choices that give the plastic demonstration of the total failure of the waste policy of the Campania Region which unloads its incapacity on the territories.
We will be there, in a peaceful, democratic way, to say our clear and strong NO to those who think of using the Piana del Sele as a huge garbage can.
Environment, Health and Territory Coordination.

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