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Difficult to talk about the pitch, for a game 2 which could have been an antechamber of the Leo Shoes PerkinElmer final, after the unexpected success won in Perugia on Wednesday evening, and which will be remembered on the contrary much more for the four days which preceded. the game. Difficult to talk about pitch too because today the biggest concern is to understand what climate there will be in the stands even before that of the twelve challengers on Gerflor: will PalaPanini “react” to what happened at PalaBarton? Will it be “limited” to the usual thundering cheers, more than 4000 tickets already detached and ticket offices open until the start of the match? Or will the viale dello Sport basin catch fire in the first skirmish of subnets?

Letting go of what happened in Umbria sets a dangerous precedent, the throwing of “non-blunt” objects ex post, granted and punished with a fine of only 380 euros, could obviously give rise to despicable emulations, such as it happens in all areas of social life when the punishments are not exemplary when they deserve it. Thus, today, the maturity of the Modena public will also be measured. Exemplary and just was the punishment inflicted on Yoandy Leal, who will be the big absentee from this match 2. Will the balance be upset, the lack of the Cuban? Stopped balls, looks like yes, and how: his specific weight in attack and service was decisive in the first challenge, it was in the challenges that gave Lube two of the last three championships (the middle one not awarded) , could be decisive in alternating current also this season.

It is also true, however, that the illustrious precedent, the absence by disqualification of Atanasijevic in the first match of the 2019 semi-finals, is on the side of the yellow and blue: then Sir Safety won by deploying Berger in front and completely new training.

Today Modena will not rely on improvisation: Marteen Van Garderen knows how to fit perfectly into Andrea Giani’s playing mechanisms, he has known each other for years with Bruno, he has already teamed up with Ngapeth, he will embody his role. It will only be necessary to understand how powerful the agonistic anger and the thrust of PalaPanini will be to lead the home team to a second feat after Wednesday’s. Bruno-Abdel Aziz, Ngapeth-Van Garderen, Mazzone-Stankovic, Rossini-Gollini, these are the adversaries of a formation, that of Grbic, which will present itself in full rows: Giannelli-Rychclicki in the main diagonal, Anderson and Leon on the wings, Solé and Ricci in the middle, Colaci free.

The technical score will not change much: crucial importance of quality in service, Sir Safety clinging to Leon’s vein and Giannelli’s inspiration, Modena even more unbalanced on the Ngapeth-Abdel Aziz pair already sparkling in the match go, mood of both teams to dictate phases of exaltation also technical phases of prolonged darkness. Added to this are sub-network rivalries, further fueled by the social exchange between Ngapeth and Travica, the former having deleted posts accusing the latter of racism. The match starts at 6:00 p.m., Referees Armando Simbari and Stefano Cesare match, Live TV on Rai Sport and, Live Radio on Radio Pico and Unovolley. It will in all likelihood be the hottest challenge in PalaPanini’s 37-year history.

Alessandro Trebi

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