Quality ready meals at the supermarket? Rational has the solution: iCombi and iVario

Benjamin NothaftRational’s retail expert, says, “Whoever can provide the customer with an experience, offering freshness, quality and a captivating environment, earning a lot of points with its customers”. Since supermarkets began to attract consumers’ attention by offering entertainment areas, rest areas and fresh produce prepared on the spot, they have increasingly won their favor.

True to the motto “You can’t cook every day“, More and more people they go to the hot counter to buy everything that has already been tried and tested: chicken in all its forms, vegetarian alternatives such as veggie burgers, curries, soups and – in supermarkets with more daring proposals – pokes are also seeing excellent results. Whenever possible, food is eaten on site or brought hot to the office, or placed in a grocery bag to take home. Different dishes but always maintaining the same quality; the question that arises spontaneously is “How are they made?” : normally you need different cooking appliances and very often there are not even well trained chefs. Nothaft says, “The key to success is a appetizing food concept which, given the limited space, is prepared with the appropriate equipment“.

The importance of supermarket location

According to Rational’s expert, there are several factors that play an important role in achieving a successful food concept. Starting with supermarket location: in urban areas, the consumption and demand for ready meals is certainly higher than in sparsely populated areas. During the restaurant closure period and with the generalization of teleworking, customers rediscovered the supermarket near their homes, frequenting it more often than before.

Quality and standardization

The concept flexibility same: especially when it comes to equipping different stores, the concept must be adaptable to any store size and structure. The qualityNevertheless, it should be the same in every store and to be able to guarantee that food production is standardized. Another important point to consider is the staff: especially the less experienced ones who still need to be able to implement the concept. All of these points together represent a huge challenge for kitchen equipment.

The solution? iCombi and iVario

“In the vast majority of cases – says Nothaft – smart cooking systems are the best answer: they reduce the amount of work, manage it autonomously and everything runs smoothly anyway. As is the case with iCombi Pro and iVario which together cover approximately 90% of all common kitchen applications and are extremely flexible in terms of use. For example, you start in the morning with iCombi by baking different types of bread, then at noon you produce lasagna, au gratin potatoes and a mixture of vegetables at the same time, followed by various sweet pastries; then the hot counter fills with products to take away. At the same time, iVario takes care of soups, pastas and meat sauce. In this way the quality and standardization of the result are guaranteed and at the same time many other equipment become unnecessary and by removing them you can save a lot of space“.

MyDisplay: ease of use

Nothaft highlights another advantage: the extremely easy operation of the two cooking systems. “The smart programs ensure that a simple touch of the finger is required for preparation. On iCombi and iVario, for example, it can be set MyDisplay. The food appears as an image on the device screen. By always calling the same set process, the result is guaranteed. He recommends using this function especially for dishes that you prepare regularly such as pasta, vegetables or croissants. And if the cooking is to be done in different appliances, there is no problem why with the help of ConnectedCooking, Rational’s digital kitchen management system, cooking programs are transferred to cooking systems with just one click and in seconds. The manager doesn’t even have to be at the supermarket to do it, everything can be comfortably managed from the office using a smartphone, tablet or computer.


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