Quarter first leg of the Champions League: Juventus Women-Lyon 2-1

At the Stadium the French took the lead after 8′ but at 62′ they remained at 10. In the final Girelli and Bonfantini (entered 2′ earlier) overturned the match. Thursday the return to France

The dream continues. Juve beat Lyon 2-1 (goals from Girelli and Bonfantini) in the first leg of the Women’s Champions League quarter-finals and remain firmly in contention to reach the semi-finals. An extraordinary result, against all odds: for the considerable difference between the staff at the technical level and the international experience. But after overtaking the group with favorites Wolfsburg and Chelsea, Juventus are as excited as ever and are writing another page to remember. Even if the historic enterprise will have to end next Thursday, in France.

Lyon in front

After the afternoon friendly match, which saw the women’s under-19s face off against the Lyon under-20s, women’s football fans (more than 9,000) crowded into the stands of the ‘Allianz Stadium for a match that enshrines the highest level of the Juventus project so far. Montemurro holds the Bonansea card on the bench (not at his best), Grosso in the middle from the first pushes Cernoia to the front line with Girelli and Hurtig. The latter wastes a very punctual opportunity from the second minute, not taking advantage of a sensational foul by Renard: he comes face to face with Bouhaddi but does not frame the door.

Five minutes later (8′) Lyon pass: cross from Carpenter from the left, header from Macario in defence. The French team continues to play the game and could double with Mallard shortly after the half-hour (stop on the line of Girelli) and just before half-time (at the goal), but in both cases the flag of the deputy goes up in an offside position.

overtake Juventus

Juve tried to react early in the second half, but Girelli misused a throw-in and the action was spoiled by an offside tee-off anyway. At 62′ Cernoia escapes into the open field and is landed by Carpenter, last of the defensive line: direct red. The supporters understand the moment and raise the decibels in support, Cernoia gets excited but hits the crossbar right on a good attempt from the left. Fresh forces, Caruso and Bonansea for Rosucci and Grosso.

And left in black and white in the seventieth: Hurting keeps the ball in the field on the right, Lundorf puts it in the middle, the goalkeeper does not hold back thanks to the positioning in the area of ​​the bags Caruso and Girelli, sending the Stadium in boiling. In Montemurro, however, it is not enough and with ten remaining he decides to win it: in Bonfantini for Hurting. And the former Roma striker restored his confidence by scoring two minutes later in Caruso’s pocket. Bonansea even spoiled the third goal on the counterattack just before the ninetieth. At the Stadium, it’s a historic success: for Juve and for all of Italian football.


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