Range Rover Sport 2023: the new SUV is already on the road

It may not look like it, but the Range Rover Sports is the second best-selling Land Rover. If its registrations fell slightly last year (-9.1%), and even if the Evoque (the first model of the British manufacturer) sold almost three times more (2,879 units for the latter, 1,093 for the Range Sport), has sold far more than just the Range Rover.

A more reasonable size, more measured prices, but a look inspired by that of its big brother: the formula always appeals.

So obviously the next version of the Range Rover Sport it won’t change at all. Aesthetically, the changes will be minimal, as the first shots captured by spy photographers can attest.

The styling is still true to the Range Rover

The third Range Sport will always bear a strong resemblance to the king of off-road chic.

This can already be seen at the front, with a semi-hidden grille pattern inspired by the new Range Rover. The shape of the headlights isn’t too different; they are still an extension of the grid, tapered as before, and should be differentiated from a redesigned lamp. The lower part of the bumper has been slightly revised, and the vents should no longer be divided into three parts, as they are now. Nevertheless, handling should be a bit more competitive than on the Range Rover, giving this model a more “sporty” look, as its name suggests.

In general, the very square profile is the same as the model still in the catalog. It will be distinguished from the “normal” Range Rover by its own slightly sloping roof or shorter rear overhang. It is not certain that a 7-seater version will be available. That won’t stop the Range Sport from being accommodating for large passengers and luggage, but it will be more reasonable than the Range Rover. Finally, it is not certain that it will adopt the same taillights as the Range Rover, but its more rounded rear accentuates the “dynamism” of the vehicle.

Range Rover Sport: a rechargeable hybrid version is essential

The vehicle captured by the photographers was a plug-in hybrid. Unsurprisingly, this new model will still be based on this solution. Logical, insofar as it currently represents almost all 95% of sales! For the rest, like the Range Rover, we imagine that the “Sport” model should be based on the all-new MLA Platform (for “Modular Longitudinal Architecture”), a multi-energy base that can accommodate internal combustion engines but also 100% electric.

Given that the Range Rover will go zero emissions in 2024, there’s no reason the Sport shouldn’t too. The presentation should be coming soon, e could be marketed as early as 2023. In other words, the few questions we might ask ourselves will be answered very quickly.

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