Rapinese focuses on ‘My will shall be law’ sport

The civic candidate unveils the first points of his program


He decided to rely on “pills” on Facebook, Alessandro Rapinese, candidate for mayor with his civic list (five years ago he touched the ballot), to announce the first points of his electoral program. The first was the promise to create a thousand new car parks in the city (“they will be added to the existing ones” and will be “both for citizens, who will have cheaper rates, and for tourists”) and , yesterday instead touched the theme of sports. A question which, in the event of an election, he intends to take care of personally, keeping for himself the delegation to Sport as well as to Heritage.

“The Muggiò swimming pool, like the rest of the municipal sports facilities, in recent decades, with the centre-left and the centre-right in government, has been left to rot – accuses Rapinese -. As soon as the government is in charge, I will quickly get the swimming pool back on track and it will reopen (so there is no reference to the project to redo the system presented by Nessi & Majocchi, whose tender has not yet been launched, editor’s note). Just like I’ll do the devil to get every sporting property back in town.” Then he specifies, without mincing his words, how he will proceed: “To do this, I will keep both the delegation to Heritage and that to Sport. And my will shall be law. A somewhat “sheriff” way of emphasizing that there will be no discussions and therefore no wasted time.

In the meantime, in the centre-left coalition (Minghetti list, the Civic Tour, Pd, Europa Verde, Agenda Como 2030, Municipality of Como) which supports the candidacy of Barbara Minghetti the “Veronelli case” takes center stage. The president of the city council Anna Veronelli he left office last week near the farewell to Forza Italia (after 28 years), not without controversy even against the majority which he had defined as “quarrelsome and divided, with individual parties which place undivided battles by all before the good of the good administration”. She herself, however, had given no indication of her future, declaring in an interview with “La Provincia”: “I have known and esteemed Barbara Minghetti for many years, we We are friends. Now, I repeat, it is time for me to stop and reflect.’ Last Thursday, he had coffee with the former minister and leader of Action Carlo Calendainto the city to support Minghetti, thus giving a few more clues.

This cafe, however, has left the center left in turmoil. The Democratic Party has made it clear that it is firmly opposed to a candidacy of Veronelli, even if in another list, in this case that of Agenda Como 2030, of which Action is part.

The dissatisfaction is now also spreading within the squad where it is rumored – because, it’s worth pointing out, Veronelli has never made a statement about it – he should land. The most skeptical (especially about her possible role in the market, in the event of a victory) are the Renzians and, from what we learn, Minghetti herself would have more than one perplexity. Anyway, the whole coalition will talk about it next week.


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