recovery and redistribution of fresh products in the historic center of Genoa (video and photos) –

A center where you can recover and redistribute surplus fresh and very fresh food to those who need it in the heart of the historic center, via San Siro: the project opens today “Food at the center”, The result of the collaboration between some of the main realities of the Third Sector and the ecclesials of Genoa, with the merchants and activities of the region and with the support of the Municipality.

The goal is to reduce food wastemaking available to families in difficulty not only long-term food, as is usually done, but offering the possibility of having the highest quality fruits and vegetables, meat and fish to guarantee a complete diet and varied.

Auxilium Foundation, Shalom Association, San Benedetto al Porto Community coordinator of the Ricabo Network, Food Bank, Coop. Soc. Emmaus Genova, ACLI, Caritas Diocesiana di Genova are the realities involved in this project, which sees the center near the parish of San Siro, in a completely refurbished 150 square meter room which will mobilize around fifty volunteers. The parish is already a point of reference for many families because it is the headquarters of the solidarity store”The hold“For packaged foods.

Explaining the functioning of the new pole is Gian Andrea Bianchei, responsible for food policies at Caritas Diocesana and the Auxilium Foundation:

The new Polo del Fresco is proposed as a place of collaboration and point of reference for the associations of the Historic Center: a place of collaboration because their volunteers will work side by side in these places to receive fresh and very fresh food, clean it, store it. the, give it to those who need it; point of reference because the same associations will guide here the people and families who will follow and who will be provided with an appropriate map. An electric vehicle will guarantee an agile and ecological withdrawal. sddddddo of the surpluses at the merchants of the alleys. Food at the Center thus brings together in a single project the fight against waste, the sharing of goods, solidarity between citizens, respect for the environment with sustainable mobility, all objectives included in the Caruggi Plan of the Municipality as well as in the Sustainable Development Plan UN Goals for a more inclusive, caring and integrated city“.

Everything will be managed by The app BringTheFood, dedicated to supermarkets, traders and restaurateurs: active since 2015, the application allows those who donate surplus food to benefit from a waste tax account (TARI). Donations are exempt from VAT and do not constitute income for IRES purposes.

Food waste and possible solutions will also be discussed in Genoese schools, where Cibo al Centro plans to invest resources to raise awareness among younger generations.

Mario BaroniDirector General of Social Policies: “In this lockdown we have discovered new levels of poverty unknown, and now the damage of the storm is counted: there are many people who lack the essentials to live. A little fresh food to eat adds a little joy to these families in difficulty Over the next five years we will carry out other projects similar to this one, to make Genoa wonderful for those who live there and for those who work there.At the end of Euroflora we plan to donate surplus flowers to those who come to harvest to eat here at the Center There is a need for food, but also for beauty. “

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