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by Giuseppe Marotta

Aimo Diana will most likely be without captain Paolo Rozzio in the last match, the away game at Teramo on Saturday April 23 (5.30pm). For Rozzio (who came off in the 82nd minute of the game against Entella, hit in the right thigh after a defensive closure) there is the virtual certainty of a muscle injury.

To understand the extent, and therefore the recovery times, it will necessarily be necessary to wait for the instrumental examinations next Tuesday: before that, it is not possible to have more clarity on the injury. The conditional is a must, but in Teramo there shouldn’t be: the goal is to try to recover it for possible qualifying (for Reggiana they would start on Tuesday May 17).

Moreover, in the post Entella Diana had replied with a joke: “Rozzio? Let’s hope he can recover calmly in three months…”. In reference to the fact that in the event of direct promotion, there would be no other matches this season.

Speaking of Entella’s post, in a tone halfway between irony and provocation, a sarcastic and stylish Diana replied underhand, from a distance, to Attilio Tesser, coach of Modena: “If the last day goes well , so much the better, otherwise they will have deserved and will eat the tortellini, and frankly I will need a hot broth in this case…”.

Tesser, in fact, on the eve of Gubbio-Modena had sent some digs to the pomegranate godess Doriano Tosi, who had spoken of the “shameless fortune” of Modena. So Tesser: “Let’s leave them in their broth, let’s eat the tortellini”, and Thursday evening Diana’s “answer” reported above.

The distance duel, in any case, is coming to an end: on Saturday April 23, Teramo-Reggiana and Modena-Pontedera will be decisive.

Reggiana (83 points) must impose itself by force, hoping that Modena (85) does not succeed: even a parity of the canaries with Pontedera de Marcos Espeche is good, because with the same points Reggiana claims a better goal difference (+4, today) .

Diana showed all her pride for her team: “We managed to keep the championship open until the last day. I had exaggerated to say that with Entella I wanted a 7-5, but it was a message that I wanted to convey to the boys. I told them that by winning in Gubbio, Modena would win the championship, so it was up to us to entertain the public to make the eventual disappointment less heavy for them: but that’s not all, we will fight until the last minute of the championship”.

The 1-0 against Entella is the result of a great performance: “The leitmotif of the season: we risked little or nothing, and we created a lot of chances. Entella is strong, we did well, with pressure and sacrifices, to make it affordable. “.

Tied with Modena in Gubbio: “They are human too. The matches are difficult, so I think Teramo will want to win against us. Everyone will have respect and will face the matches seriously, even Pontedera (the next opponent of Modena, editor’s note): everyone will honor the championship. If Modena wins, I will congratulate them. Like when you lose the elections: you have to call each other to congratulate yourself”.

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