Research, food and agriculture, the future on the table

“We are pushing hard so that in our region the agri-food and wine sector, inextricably linked to agriculture, continues to develop, attracting even more tourists and growing our businesses and making known their excellence, not only in our country, but also beyond the border”. This was stated by the Regional Councilor for Productive Activities, Sergio Emidio Bini, who spoke this afternoon at the meeting “Research, food and agriculture, the future on the table”, organized by Udine and Gorizia Fiere, at the headquarters of the Udine Fair, in Martignacco, within the framework of the “Road to Agriest 2023, meeting the future” event.

“The topics addressed in the rich panel organized for ‘Road to Agriest’ are very current and I thank the promoters of the event and the participants for that – said Bini -. When we talk about agriculture, we also talk of food and wine, and in our region the sector represents an important part of the gross domestic product, strategically relevant also due to the high number of people employed”.

“The moment, we all know, is very difficult: we are going through the so-called ‘perfect storm’ and we are paying too much for the ‘non-choices’ made over the last decades both in terms of energy needs and raw materials, including the sector – continued the adviser to productive activities – We are also witnessing a significant increase in the cost of cereals and animal feed, with an increase in the price that fluctuates between 15 and 20%.These increases are unsustainable, not able to guarantee operating margins for those who operate in the sector We are in a crucial phase, in short, complex, delicate, which in fact we already knew before this moment of speculation, which does not benefit from the war In progress”.

“We have launched the brand ‘I am Friuli Venezia Giulia’ which aims to promote an identity of the place, above all, and of its products and companies. We are pushing it a lot, in this particular period, with a promotion aimed at the Italian market : international mobility, in fact, is still conditioned by the pandemic and, more recently, by the conflict in Ukraine. With this brand, we organize a series of events capable of characterizing ourselves and above all of characterizing the companies in our area.” , he added Bini.

“We also have an important history for the promotion of our excellence, such as that of wine – the city council of productive activities has closed -. ‘La Route des Vins et des Saveurs’, for example, has developed a lot these recent years, bringing an ever-increasing number of companies to its organization; a reality that has managed to promote our wealth, both oenological and gastronomic, and to attract new tourism. Friuli-Venezia Giulia, I am sure, is a region that will be able to seize all the best opportunities that will arise over the next few years”.

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